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Step 1: Acquire glowing books.

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When you open a magical book, it should glow majestically. Magicians are immediately recognizable by the colour and intensity of the glow emanating from their reading material.

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The glowier the better. Pagans and magicians are people of the library, so it’s important to have at least two glowy books readily available at all times.

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Sometimes magical books can even transfer their magical glow to the magician’s hand. This is a sign of a true adept.

Step 2: Try out some potions and elixirs.

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Maybe some magical tea? With all those nifty glowy books you’ve been reading, it should be a snap to manifest.

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This trick is only possible with frilled cuffs, so dig out your pirate shirt, Jerry.

Step 3: Get outside and commune with nature.

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But remember kids, fashion is key, and you must dress to impress. If your frilly pirate shirt is in the wash, perhaps consider cast-offs from a Lord of the Rings extra?

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You may not live in an area with mossy mushroom-covered logs to snuggle with. No problem. Instead, find a rainbow Pride tree to relax under. In time maybe a unicorn will appear. Or your Discrodian totem?

Step 4: Maintain a spooky temple.

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Magical orbs are key decorating features, and indoor foliage is a must. Dim lighting is not a problem as everything magical has its own natural glow, you’ll never be left in the dark again. It’s called enlightenment, yeah?

Step 5: Chill.

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Magick fixes all problems. Read those glowy books and you’ll have no worries. You’re set for life.

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So kick back and wait for the tophat full of money that’s bound to find its way to you any moment.

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