You justify anarchy. Self-mastery ? Discipline ? Control ? Principle ?….or is it simply the will to make these things a memory of times when ease took the place of fear ? None of it concerns me. Who I am is who you are. We are all the same and we just exist. But, self-definition causes us to search for what we believe which leads to the inevitable imposing of our ideals on others. My justification then is through lack of concern for the individual, and more concern for the whole.

Being comfortable is what makes us weak. I base my assumption on the simple concept learned from the beginning of our existence – which is easier to resist, pain ? or pleasure ?

Pain of course.

The breakdown of what is perceived as ” a relaxed state of general well-being.” Pain has many forms – emotional and physical. Anarchy then is pain in the sense that it is a breakdown. Its redeeming quality being that it is a filter – what is broken down is rebuilt – stronger with purpose.

Anarchy is a tool – a means to and end that proposes a directive of destruction against a target for a goal. We live in a society that proves everyday that survival is a dying art. Living day-to-day is letting your life slip away one minute at a time when you don’t realize that everything you ever learned is a story and every story has its place in history.

Question all things.

Vigilance is what counts when complacency destroys discipline. History applies to those who lived it. They are gone and we replace them with a new idea of what it means to be alive.

Are you alive? Be honest. Don’t think of it in terms what you did. Think of it in terms of how you found yourself. Self-definition can only be justified through what lessons are learned and what lessons are lost. Anarchy is what happens when someone asks for more, and nothing more is to be given. Chaos could be the answer when your mind is free. Free your mind before all questions are tackled. Lop-sided attacks to problems will never give you the knowledge needed to push to the lesson that must be learned. You break a pattern and you grow. The only growth is up. Negative growth never occurs.

Learning and conditioning teach much. But all must be gained through experience. If one drops to his knees for redemption, is he redeemed if it is asked? Never question, never give excuses and never lie. Live your life as though the day might be your last and show yourself the power you still have.