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Sattelite dish, photo by Michael Josh Villanueva

Guru-Free Guide to Nada Yoga, by Bennett Z. Kobb

The Guru-Free Guide To Nada Yoga is a no-frills guidebook that tells you everything you need to know to find the sound within the sound, within yourself.

How do you build self discipline?

Aleister Crowley said that 90% of Thelema is self discipline, and that applies to magical practice. A few things to think about to help you stick with it.
Rocks, photo by Keoni Cabral

Zen: Simply Sitting, by Philippe Coupey

Zen: Simply Sitting: A Zen monk's commentary on the Fukanzazengi (Universal Guide on the Correct Practice of Zazen) by Master Dogen, by Philippe Coupey Forward...

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