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Self-love magick: Three spells of healing and self-care

Self-love magick: Three spells of healing and self-care

When was the last time you thought:I love myself! I’m a good person! I love my life!...
Miracle Club by Mitch Horowitz

The Miracle Club, by Mitch Horowitz

In The Miracle Club, Mitch Horowitz deep dives into the New Thought movement -- tracing its roots and its earliest proponents.
Feature Image for A Year of Living Happily

A Year of Living Happily, by Lois Blyth

A Year of Living Happily is based on the idea we should make a conscious effort to appreciate the good things and think in a positive way.

Trauma-informed meditation: Processing the past

Meditation requires us to come to terms with the ways in which our lives have shaped us, and that means coming to terms with the ways we have been wounded.
self-discipline outside of tradition - spiral nature

Self-discipline on your own terms: Exploring nontraditional approaches

Discipline is necessary for spiritual growth, but how does one cultivate it when the roadmaps we have been given pay homage to oppressive structures?

Mirror magick and self-love

Mirror magick gives us an opportunity to look ourselves in the face, and is a powerful tool in magical work, self-reflection, and powerful self-love.
Purple pillows, thotfulspot

Three magical self-care rituals: Uplift, energize, and protect

We can use magick for self-care, and change our energy back to a positive force when life gets tough. Magick isn't just for outer change.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot