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Artist spotlight: Kostas, of Mistiis.com at Spiral Nature

Artist spotlight: Kostas

Born and raised in Athens, painter Kostas wanders the city of his birth, where he has one foot in this world, and one foot in the past.
Artist Spotlight: Taylor Ellwood at Spiral Nature

Artist Spotlight: Taylor Ellwood

I probably say this in all my Artist Spotlight articles, but interviewing magical or occultnik artists is one...
Artist Spotlight: Tommie Kelly and the Forty Servants at Spiral Nature

Artist Spotlight: Tommie Kelly and the Forty Servants

Tommie Kelly is an incredible illustrator, accomplished magician, successful writer, and creator of the Forty Servants.
Warrior Yoga Goddess in Aurora Borealis by Laura Iverson

Artist Spotlight: Laura Iverson

The Zen Breeze Art Gallery is Laura Iverson’s personal website, where she tells her story, and lists her paintings and handmade jewellery.

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