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Defining the magical practitioner in antiquity.

Enchant long.

Jake Stratton-Kent on goetia.

If language is power, what’s in a name?

A compiled list of resources on pre-Hellenistic magick up until the late 1700s.

On treasure magick.

What the Golden Dawn’s Cypher Manuscript does and does not say about the tarot.

On ur-sorcery.

“Don’t trust books” seems like a harsh message. Better to read widely and read critically, in my opinion.


Mike Nichols on Paganism, and his beliefs on gods and nature.

Why do we make nature spirituality all about us? And how can we bring it back to nature?

An unidentified bearded god with astral symbols has been uncovered during an excavation of a sanctuary near the ancient city of Doliche in Turkey.

What we need from Pagan clergy.

An overview of the debate on animal sacrifice in modern practice.

Ever wondered about the food and drink on Day of the Dead altars?

A fantastic round up of links and resources about and for transgender Pagans.

High Priest of the Church of Satan Magus Peter H. Gilmore rocks out and hails Satan his own way — and it’s not all metal.

On reconstructing Heathen rites.


There’s a new blog, Lovecraftian Science, that looks scientific investigations into the Cthulhu Mythos.

What do we mean when we say something is “supernatural?” It’s a word we don’t use often here on Spiral Nature, unless we’re talking about the popular television show now in its tenth year.

The grotesque eroticism of William Mortensen’s lost photography.

“Would we have Poe’s Raven today if the tormented author had taken lithium to suppress his bipolar illness?” That seems like a dangerous question, in a way that the author’s follow up doesn’t seem to be, “Would we have Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had the Beatles not taken LSD?” More on creativity, madness, and drugs here.

Eight counterculture gurus who practice chaos magick.

Misogyny and bullying is alive and well, and feminist Pagans of all genders are standing up and saying, Nope.

Going down the Robert Anton Wilson OTO Illuminati rabbit hole.


A compelling review of Rik Garret’s Earth Magic.

Season of the Witch is reviewed on The Wild Hunt.

A review of The Journey into Spirit from Philip Carr-Gomm.

This review of The Alice Tarot has made it high on my want list.

NPR reviews Penguin’s Book of Witches.


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