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One of the most important things you can do for your magical practice is keep a record. Yes, it’s probably even more important than meditating.

Camelia Elias’ essay from The Magiciulum is available for free download. (Also, check out our review here.)

On ritual nudity for the insecure.

The value of being a self-taught mage.

On banishing, exorcising, and sensible spirit care.


Fair warning, the future of religion is bleak, according to Daniel C Dennett.

The full text of “Reawakening a Pagan Theology,” Sable Aradia’s keynote address at the Canadian Pagan National Conference. Also, a list of all Canadian Pagan festivals upcoming this summer.

You can worship nature, and still love and live in the city. (See also, “5 ways to connect with nature as an urban Pagan.”)

Great advice for those looking to join a coven. Much of it could also apply to occult groups as well.

Is contemporary Paganism a baby, a toddler, an adolescent, or something else? And what does that mean?

Building a vocabulary of spiritual practice, parts I and II.


Once upon a time, 500 previously unseen fairy tales have been found in Germany.

After 2,500 years, the three-headed Serpent Column, a bronze pillar built in Delphi to commemorate those who had fought against the Persian Empire in the Battle of Plataea in 470 BCE, is returning home.

Great advice for tarot professionals.

W B Yeats and mysticism.

Occult sculptures made from bones.

The art of H R Giger. Also, elsewhere, of Austin Osman Spare.

Isolated people in Sweden only stopped using runes 100 years ago.

A conversation with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

A Seussian book on Cthulhu? Take my money, please.

They say a witch’s power is in her long, wild hair.

I’ve hosted more than my fair share of dinner parties, and this advice is pretty solid.

A 2,300 year old Mayan pyramid has been bulldozed by a construction firm in Belize.


Benebell Wen reviews The Haindl Tarot.

A review of a DVD of The Magick of Solomon.

Calls for submission

Academic papers requested for The Occult Imagination in Britain, 1875-1947, to be edited by  Dr Christine Ferguson and Dr Andrew Radford of the University of Glasgow. Deadline: 1 June 2015 (abstracts).