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On the metals and gems of the Picatrix.

Did Colin Wilson expect occultists to become superhuman?

On queer witchy femmes.

Mercury retrograde getting you down, again? Here are some tips for getting around that.

Herbal magick with primrose.


Toronto is set to host the Parliament of the World’s Religions in September 2018.

On creating household altars.

How religion shaped society among Norse Pagans.

There are risks and rewards in entering the social hierarchy game, but then again, how can we opt out?

Paganism and the social sciences intersect.

Contemporary Paganism has been legally recognized as a religion in Greece.

Buddhism crossed with Paganism equals Dharma Paganism?

On discovering the hidden spiritual lessons offered by Doctor Who.

How to commemorate the death of a pet, the Hellenic way.

It still seems weird to me that atheo-Paganism is a thing, but to each their own, I guess?

On a possibly related note, more angst about the potential death of contemporary Paganism.

Want to overcome that? Here are some gentle steps to lead you to devotion.


Donald Weiser died on 12 April 2017, and The Witches’ Almanac has a lovely eulogy.

There is no room for fascism in the left-hand path.

An interview with Christopher Knowles about occult comics.

Nothing matters. Isn’t that awesome? Though, some people take issue with that.

The Wild Hunt interviews Penny Slinger in two parts.

An international conference focusing on inclusive Heathenry, Frith Forge 2017, will take place in Petzow, Germany from 5-8 October 2017.

This catalogue of demon images seems pretty awesome.

The Buckland Museum reopened on 29 April 2017.

Have you checked out the journal Occultures: Magick in the Independent Arts yet? It’s got interviews with Spiral Nature’s editor-in-chief Nico Mara-McKay and former senior editor Jenna Danchuk, among others. It’s pretty awesome.


Cult of Weimar Tarot reviewed.

A review of Season of the Witch.

The Yorkshire Witch: The Life and Trial of Mary Bateman reviewed.

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Is the Harry Potter fandom at a crossroads? If it is, is that a problem?