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Automagical sigil creation. Nifty.

On elemental work with air.

Advice on how to start your meditation practice.

On tools used in mantra healing.

Demystifying the tarot for newbies.

On energy.

Herbal magick with daisies.

Chaos magick is a state of mind.

The ethics of mass hexing.

On flying ointments as medicine.

Self-awareness and tarot.

Mediumship, necromancy — same thing, right?


On transgender inclusion in the Pagan community.

White people, there are words for “spirit animal” that better reflect what you’re trying to convey.

On the other Aphrodite.

Tibetan worldly spirits.

On Patron deities in Wicca.

Pagan chaplaincy in Canada is on the rise. Among the interviewed is Brian Walsh, whose last review for Spiral Nature was The Tradition of Household Spirits.

Polytheism is not a set of religions  of reheated leftovers.

Of course Paganism is political.

On the way of the wyrd.

Notice more in nature.

On the care and feeding of Pagan groups.


Dan Brown is donating €300,000 to digitize a collection of texts on alchemy, astrology, magick, and Theosophy housed in Amsterdam’s Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. Yes, that Dan Brown.

On Aleister Crowley and the decadent movement.

A field report from a visit to the Museo di Simbologia Masonic Firenze (Museum of Masonic Symbolism) in Florence, Italy.

A history of the Witches’ Almanac, which has been going since 1971. Also check out our review of the latest issue of The Witches Almanac. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty great.

Are we living in trickster times?

The building of a South African vampyre community.

Vodou healer Manbo Katy is the subject of a new documentary by Broadly.

An interview with Judy Olson-Linde and Nels Linde about their new book on sacredness and Pagan ritual.

The Hermetic Library has just published its first ‘zine.

An interview with John L. Steadman about his book on H.P. Lovecraft.

On the curse in Oedipus Rex.

Zora Burden interviews Iona Miller about sex magick.

Things you need to know if you’re going camping this festival season.


Totem Animals reviewed.

A review of Contemporary Life and Witchcraft: Magic, Divination and Religious Ritual in Europe.

The Big Book of Practical Spells reviewed.

A review of Notes from the Universe on Abundance.

Chrysalis Tarot Companion Guide reviewed.

A review of Parapsychology: A Beginner’s Guide.

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Neil Gaiman’s latest book will delve into Norse mythology.