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Is decalcifying your pineal gland a thing now?

Magick in action.

How to make candles with wax sand.

A template for the Headless (or Bornless) Rite.

Often clients will come for a divinatory reading without a fully developed question, Camelia Elias has a solution for you.

Should we be worrying about the revival of magick? Aaron Leitch thinks so.

On Osiris and the Greek Magical Papyri.

You’re not likely to find a “quick fix” with magick.

Want a free printable tarot journal? Here you go.


On Tibetan singing bowls.

While we’re at it, on Tibetan aliens too.

Feeling spiritually off-track? Course correct.

When Hellenic devotees use the term “theoi.”

The Satanic Temple protects America’s children.

Spain’s cursed village of witches?

So what if you’re going to die?


Part of Guillermo del Toro’s creepy collection will be exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

On the power of stories.

Priapus and his giant penis were so gross the gods kicked him out of Olympus.

Gordon White on Prometheus.

Mystery and Benevolence: Masonic and Odd Fellows Folk Art from the Kendra and Allen Daniel Collection at the American Folk Art Museum in New York displays the art of secret societies.

Aleister Crowley’s curse inspires a folk punk track. The song’s not bad, but the video is hopelessly dull.

Kirsty Mitchell’s fairytale photography.

Reality is not as real as you think. (Or something like that.)

A fairytale featuring queer characters where simply being gay isn’t the predominant plot line? Take my money.

Doreen Valiente was seriously badass.

The world’s greatest witchcraft film poster collection. Hyperbole aside, these posters are pretty nifty.


A review of Arc of the Goddess.

Shitty Horoscopes sounds amazing.

A review of a new biography of Doreen Valiente.

Bonus linkage

In other news, Meow Wolf sounds like an amusement park I’d like to visit.