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Vice wants to teach you “how to cast spells with your orgasms.” Ok then.

John Higgs on Operation Mindfix.

On figuring out your astrological chart victor.

Visualization with crystals. Also check out Susan Starr’s incredible course, Crystal Grid Fundamentals, to learn out how set your intention with crystal grids and make it stick.

Scott Stenwick offers an introduction to Enochian magick.

Magick with what’s at hand, and Irish folk magick.

Spirit personalities, and getting to know the entities you’re coming in contact with.

Some thoughts on meme magick.


The Maritime Ghostbusters are looking for recruits. No, really.

A map to the ghost towns of Ontario. Road trip, anyone?

Some thoughts on polytheistic mysticism.

A look at the origins and influences of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, an American LSD cult from the 1960s.

Andrieh Vitimus proclaims the death of modern godforms.


An interview with an occultist who’s also a professional psychologist.

May 2017 will see 21 new shows of the Cosmic Trigger Play in honour of the 10th anniversary of Robert Anton Wilson’s death. We’d love to have someone do a write up of this. Anyone want to cover this for Spiral Nature?

What’s most interesting to Psyche about this Independent interview with Ashley Mortimer is the way the reporter, Kashmira Gander, frames the piece. It’s quite obvious that Gander has no experience or understanding of contemporary Paganism or Wicca, and the preamble is riddled with sly denigrations of Mortimer’s religion and practice. Terms are put in scare quotes, and Gander can’t even be bothered to capitalize the religious traditions being reported (it’s not “druidism,” nor “paganism”), nevermind use the correct terminology. (A “Wicca witch”?) The questions betray a puerile understanding of Wicca and witchcraft, and it’s clear this interview was conducted over email, as Mortimer shows herself to be a friendly and knowledgeable person, trying to correct Gander’s wacky misconceptions. Again the framing of this whole thing is fascinating, especially as a student of the history of religions. What are your thoughts on it? Share them in the comments.

In other news, this article may have the best title the National Post has ever printed, “Explorers find disease-cursed City of the Monkey God and nearly lose their faces to flesh-eating parasite.”


A look at the Slow Holler Tarot.

The Urban Ovate reviewed.

A review of Village Witch.

Bonus linkage

Inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Puzzlewood is a gorgeous place in Gloucestershire, England.

Torontonians, mark 27 August 2017 in your calendar, because this year’s solar eclipse is going to be awesome.