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On astragalomantic probabilities and ritual.

The folks at io9 kindly request that people stop using quantum mechanics as evidence for magick. Seriously, guys.

On coffee magick.

An ancient Egyptian handbook of spells has recently been deciphered.

Yeah, there are some things a good psychic will never tell you.

Chaos magick is magical terrorism? Wait…what?

Wondering if Mercury is in retrograde? There’s a website for that.


Rather than the usual Wiccan and Pagan fare, this Vice writer spent Hallowe’en with a Satanist and collector of satanic memorabilia.

Meditation can jumpstart your immune system. Good to know — especially at this time of year.

Lydia Crabtree has created Pagan Pro, intended to serve as an online database where Pagan leaders can register, and have a third-party verify their Pagan and academic qualifications, with public comments allowing the community to rate their skills and character. While some support the project, others have their reservations. What are your thoughts on this?

Witches and Time.

Gender and sexuality in contemporary Paganism part I and II.

An important read on sexual initiation, discrimination, consent and rape culture within Paganism.

Paganism versus New Age.

The secret history of immanentizing the eschaton and in an interview with Mary Wheeler, an early member of the Discordian movement.

Creating Pagan constellations.

Why Brad Warner avoids using the word “mindfulness” when talking about Buddhism.

On Gnosticism.

What is a mystery religion, anyway?

A Florida school board has discussed reversing its policy that allows religious groups to hand out materials at public schools after the Satanic Temple began handing out coloring books to students.

On the practice of veiling in the Hellenistic and greater Pagan community.

Is Wicca the Mormonism of witchcraft?

More on cultural appropriation.


Ridley Scott set to produce AMC miniseries on rocket scientist, occultist Jack Parsons following the biography Strange Angel by George Pendle. Scott and David Zucker will act as executive producers for the series, which will be written by Mark Heyman.

Hallmarks of our modern myths on The Secret Sun, parts I and II.

A dated and historically misleading documentary on the tarot was narrated by Christopher Lee. Check it out here.

Is “truth” a dirty word?

Coverage of Doorways to the Underworld, a Pagan art exhibition in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The fictional Scottish island of Summerisle was the setting for the 1973 film The Wicker Man, and its real world counterpart, Tanera Mor, has just lost its last permanent residents.

Lovecraftian Lego. Now I know what I want for Solstice.

If you’re feeling crafty, here are some more ideas for the holidays.


A review of Believing in Magic.

Kenneth Grant’s Cults of the Shadow reviewed.

Dark Lore VIII reviewed.


So you’ve read Cat Vincent’s amazing post on Twin Peaks, but have you seen what happens when Agent Dale Cooper consults with detectives from other shows?

Do you believe in fairies? Have you seen any? If so, you may want to fill out this survey from the Fairy Investigation Society.