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In cleansing an object, do you consider its will?

How to make magick skull vodka.

An invocation to Babalon.

What secrets has western magick all but lost?

Non-binary solar and lunar interpretations.

That McKraken recants his position on Aleister Crowley. Kind of?

How to make an oil infusion.


Can the Satanic Temple save America? Let’s hope so.

A new Council of American Witches may be in the works.

The Wiccan Rede is not a poem.

Can the spiritual excuses, kids.

Gods are people too. Or, they were. Sometimes.

A crash course in Norse mythology.

The shadow side of the mindfulness revolution.

Wicca, the public face of Paganism, or a hidden initiatic religion? Jason Thomas Pitzl has written a manifesto for witchcraft.

What not to do when visiting a sacred well.

On raising Pagan children.

The 12 gods of the Internet. (I am totally Plutold.)


Are young women flocking to witchcraft? And, if so, is that anything new?

Not new maybe, but then again, articles like this that liken Wicca to a teenage phase to be grown out of, aren’t terribly new either. Sigh.

Inventory of the Many P Hall collection at the Online Archive of California.

John Dee as a real life Gandalf?

This is a touching tribute from Yvonne Aburrow about late Terry Pratchett as an unintentional Pagan theologian.

So how does Cruithne, you know, Earth’s other moon, figure into astrology?


Sable Aradia reviews All Acts of Love and Pleasure. (You can read our review here, and keep an eye out for Sable’s interview with author Yvonne Aburrow on this site in early April.)

Two reviews of Holistic Tarot.

Ges reviews Drawing Down the Spirits.


Baba Yaga’s guide to feminism. I love everything about this.