skull “15052016-R0021073-Bearbeitet” by leon2201 (flickr)Meditations on the Satanic Statements by Ivan GrammaticusMeditations on the Satanic Statements: A short practical guide to the basic Satanic ethic, by Ivan Grammaticus
New Trapezoid Publishing, 18 pp., 2017

Today I review the curious Meditations on the Satanic Statements by Ivan Grammaticus. Self-published and eighteen pages in length, this book holds the thoughts of Ivan Grammaticus. Black and white pages hold his feelings and perspectives on the “Nine Satanic Statements” as put forth by Anton LaVey more than 40 years ago.

Grammaticus has within him the potential to accomplish a great theology in the application of Satanic thought for everyday life. As I read his treatise out loud, I could hear a voice form in my head — gruff and bare. I’ve never met the man, nor have heard his voice. However, there was something in there as he wrote about perspective, and how going to prison can limits one’s freedom. Yet, he goes on to say you may enjoy that if you like, “having half of your life not just controlled but outright dictated to you… be sexually satisfied by only a limited number of persons…” The contrast being represented alongside the statement to produce paradox; evoking thought.

The book covers a lot of ground in a minute area. A smirk crossed my lips at the following:

Which isn’t to say that some of us don’t enjoy the grotesque, or that we must throw out an interesting baby with irresponsible bathwater, or that Satanists don’t enjoy a bit of schadenfreude [malicious joy] every now and again (and again and again…).

Revelling in one’s joy, devoid of judgement, embracing with full knowledge the impact and responsibility for the outcomes — delicious indeed.

Things I wish Meditations on the Satanic Statements had included were segments — separated passages, almost chapters that led to a cliff of explanation, where the reader could leap. There certainly was enough contained therein. Sadly, the work needs just that — work. Spelling, grammar, and organizational revision could only produce improvement, drawing from its author another pomegranate; hanging low on the Tree of Knowledge, nudged forward by the serpent.

Image credit: leon2201