Psyche Tarot Services

Individual Tarot Consultations

A Tarot consultation can provide insight into a particular situation, current questions, past influences and reveal opportunities for growth. Rather than focusing on purely predictive readings, Psyche uses the Tarot as an aid in understanding the circumstances and influences surrounding a given situation.

Tarot readings can vary in length and price depending on your needs, either a one-time session or as an ongoing series of consultations.


  • 30 minutes – $40
  • 60 minutes – $70

To book an appointment please contact Psyche.

Tarot Reading Parties

Try something a little different at your next party or event!

Having a tarot reader present adds an exotic element to private parties and corporate events. Readings provide entertainment for guests at birthday parties, book launches, office parties and other events.

Tarot readings are usually conducted in a private space, often a separate room or a space off to the side to allow for privacy during the reading. Readings can be performed one on one, or in couples or groups of up to three people.

At parties and events readings normally last between ten to fifteen minutes per person, allowing 4-6 people to be read per hour.

Rate: $120 for the first hour, and $100 for every hour thereafter.

To book an event please contact Psyche.

Please note an additional fee may be required for events outside of Toronto.

Tarot Lessons

Private lessons are offered to students in Toronto, all experience levels welcome.

Teaching will be conducted one-on-one with training customized to each student’s experience and ability, moving through three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The lessons take a no nonsense approach to Tarot, cutting through much of the unnecessary mysticism surrounding its origins, mythology and practice; demonstrating its use as a dynamic divinatory tool with practical applications in one’s day to day life.

Students will learn how to read the cards for themselves, for friends and family, and others. Focus is on how to provide a useful reading and how to get the most out of the cards.


  • 30 minutes – $45
  • 60 minutes – $80

For more information, please contact Psyche.