2019-07-21 Hidden Insights

Hidden Insights is happy to report that much of the emotional turbulence felt over the last two weeks is beginning to subside as softer aspects form in the heavens.

The week begins with two strong alignments. First, Venus will oppose Pluto, which is the final hit of tension that will only be felt on Sunday, 21 July. With this aspect, power plays may come to light, and recent drama can finally be dealt with. This will be followed by a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, which stimulates conversation, and allows the mind to express itself more productively. Of course, Mercury is still retrograde, so tread cautiously, but with confidence.

On Wednesday, 24 July, Mercury makes its second conjunction of the week with Venus. This partnership rules pleasant communication. Many individuals will be inclined to declare their love right now; however, it may not go as planned. If you have been thinking of telling someone you love them, it may be best to wait a few more weeks. Overall, feeling and communication should improve, especially if there has been tension at home or work.

A fixed star is also highlighted with this conjunction, as Procyon is activated. With Mercury this star can produce sexual scandal, and with Venus it rules over churches and influential persons. There is a good chance more sexual abuse scandals may surface. On a personal level, this star has the potential to produce vigorous and productive energy. It’s a great week to get motivated.

Astro Homework

As the world calms down from last week’s lunar eclipse, emotions begin to even out. This allows rational thought to rule once again, and this is particularly potent with the multiple aspects Mercury is making right now.

Your assignment this week is to find way to engage the mind, which will help kick start the aspects. Try word games and puzzles, along with trivia. There are a number of online games and phone apps that can be very helpful with this. Getting the brain going this week will help keep you in a rational state of mind through the rest of the year.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

Aries Constellation, image by Freepik

Work responsibilities continue to weigh heavy on your mind this week, Aries. Though somehow these responsibilities seem easier to deal with. As stress at work begins to settle down, you have more time to devote to domestic projects. Expect the opportunity to enjoy much needed rest and relaxation with a loved one. On Wednesday, 24 July, an important conversation with a family member brings good news your way. This news is likely to concern a marriage or pregnancy, and you may be called to give advice or assistance. Over the weekend travel is promised, and you should have an overnight bag ready for a last minute getaway.

Power crystal: Malachite

Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

Taurus Constellation, image by Freepik

Being a chatter box or social butterfly is not typically words ascribed to the sign of the bull. However, this week you won’t be able to help yourself, Taurus. Interacting with others fascinates you right now, and you want to share your thoughts and opinions with everyone around you. Don’t be surprised if friends ask if you are feeling like yourself. It’s a good thing that you have excess energy, as midweek the need arises to run a seemingly endless amount of errands. While you are out and about, you can expect to run into an influential person, or even sight a celebrity. Make sure your camera is ready to snag a great spur of the moment photograph.

Power crystal: Aventurine

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

Gemini Constellation, image by Freepik

You have an itch to spend money this week, Gemini, and it may be difficult for you to control. It seems that great deals and urgent sales entice you at every turn. Do your best to avoid the temptation, as Pluto is a harsh taskmaster when it comes to gluttonous spending. Instead, channel this energy into a personal relationship where you have the opportunity to ignite a new spark. Competition comes to your home over the weekend, where a friendly game night could easily turn into an all-night battle of wits. If you plan on having a get together, make sure you have enough refreshments for guests. You don’t want to need to make a run to the store and interrupt the flow of the party.

Power crystal: Citrine

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

Cancer Constellation, image by Freepik

An exciting week ahead is promised for you, Cancer, as this week’s two conjunctions occur in your sign. You may find that your thoughts and conversations lean towards yourself, and you can’t help but make every situation about you right now. Try to remember that others may see this as self-centred or egocentric. However, used properly you can promote yourself, your skills, and talents to others. This is a great week to make professional connections at work or with prospective employers. Before the end of the week you may be the target of romantic advances. It is best to avoid starting a relationship right now. Take their flirtation as a compliment, and quickly move on.

Power crystal: Hematite

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Leo Constellation, image by Freepik

Lately, you’ve been dealing with a great deal of tense emotions, Leo, and you may have even felt as though your responsibilities are too much to handle. You get relief from the heavens this week as your sector of solitude is highlighted. Typically, you love to be in the sunlight and the centre of attention. However, right now you have the opportunity to hibernate and recharge your emotional batteries. Others may ask if you are depressed or not feeling well. Explain to them that you are just taking a mental vacation to recoup. Make sure you plan enough time for rest during the week, as Saturday promises to be filled with excitement that you won’t want to miss, as a night out with friends, or sexual marathon with your partner is promised.

Power crystal: Garnet

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

Virgo Constellation, image by Freepik

A lively agenda is promised this week, Virgo, and your social circle is about to get a boost as well. Expect the majority of the week to be filled with conversations, calls, text messages, and emails from friends. Many may just want to check in with you, while others want to invite you to go out. Of course, you don’t have to wait for an invitation. Feel free to take the initiative, as your friends will be eager to get together right now. On Wednesday, 24 July, you may receive a gift from a friend, or find that a group you are a part of can benefit you in way you were unfamiliar with. You are always helping others, so allow yourself to benefit from social connections right now.

Power crystal: Jade

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

Libra Constellation, image by Freepik

Career and professional growth are on your mind, Libra, and you have the opportunity to make a major advancement before the end of the week. Expect conversations with supervisors, perspective employers, and coworkers to go well right now. You may even be offered a new position, or lead on a special project. However, keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde, and any new endeavours should be approached cautiously. Over the weekend, the answer to question or problem you have been dealing with for the last several months will be answered. Now is the time to press others for the truth.

Power crystal: Charoite

Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

Scorpio Constellation, image by Freepik

Thinking outside the box and looking beyond the here and now will become increasingly important to you this week, Scorpio. You are ceasing to think of your world in terms of your immediate surroundings, and are beginning to see the bigger picture. A conversation midweek about a vacation or long distance move is possible. Try not to let yourself get boxed into small thinking, as you have the opportunity to either move or travel less expensively than you originally thought. Guard your wallet closely over the weekend, as you may be tempted to place a bet with a friend or group of friends. Now is not the time to be too free with money.

Power crystal: Agate

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

Sagittarius Constellation, image by Freepik

Curiosity is peaked this week for you, Sagittarius, and you have the chance to do a great deal of investigative work. Just be mindful not to allow your brain to go so far off track that you fall down an Internet rabbit hole. Instead, use this energy to understand the dynamics of your most intimate relationships. If you are single, this is a great time to address what you can do to attract a partner. For those who are in committed relationships, this week could bring conversations about intimacy to the surface. You may also hear from a friend or family member who is concerned about one of your habits. Listen to their concerns openly, and initiate a change if you are ready.

Power crystal: Aragonite

Capricorn (21 December — 20 January)

Capricorn Constellation, image by Freepik

A powerful urge to be with a partner dominates your week, Capricorn. Right now you can more easily see yourself working in tandem with another person, and this could either be romantically or professionally. Someone in your life will bring out the best in you this week, as they see your greatest potential. The term “power couple” comes to mind, and you are due to join forces with someone. This energy is magnified on Wednesday, 24 July, which should prove to be day filled with uplifting and motivational conversations. Over the weekend, a certain level of diplomacy will be needed to diffuse a disagreement between family members.

Power crystal: Moldavite

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)


Health concerns may be put to rest early this week, Aquarius, as a medical concern may no longer be important. This is good news that will have you feeling as though you can conquer the world. Of course, conquering the world starts at home, and a series of neglected household chores need your attention. Fortunately, you are more efficient than usual, allowing you to clean out closets, attics, or basements with ease. Midweek you can expect good news at work, which may allow you to spend more time on people and projects that are important to you. Over the weekend expect to hear juicy gossip from a friend. Remember that they shared this information with you in confidence, and be careful to honour that.

Power crystal: Jasper

Pisces (21 February — 20 March)

Pisces Constellation, image by Freepik

A very playful week is promised to you, Pisces, as you will have the opportunity to enjoy hobbies and leisure activities. Early in the week you may be inspired to visit a craft or home improvement store to start a new project. However, you must be careful not to buy more than you are willing to actually put in the work to doing. Keep in mind that your interests may shift drastically this week, and what you may be passionate about on Monday could be vastly different on Wednesday. Music also appears to play a larger role in your life this week, and if you’re not singing at the top of your lungs in the shower, you may be invited to a karaoke bar. No matter what you decide to do this week, remember to embrace your inner child and enjoy carefree wonder.

Power crystal: Mookaite