Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 17 December 2017


Hidden insights would like to wish everyone a very happy Mercury direct, as Friday it will move from its retrograde motion.


While most of the week this planet will be retrograde, it is slowing down and getting ready to once again be productive. For many, the last few days of a Mercury retrograde are particularly stressful, and this week will be no exception. The best way to deal with this is keep our eyes focused on our plan of action, and try not to jump the gun with any major decisions or moves. Even those who don’t follow astrology will feels an urgent sense of restless anticipation, and we should be particularly mindful of others frustrations.

On Friday, when Mercury finally changes course we may notice a rush to be productive. Try to allow the rest of the world get their need for motion out of their system before trying to move forward yourself. Think of the energy like a traffic jam. All of a sudden everyone wants to go in the same direction at the same time. Again, you’ll need to exercise patience, or you could wait a few more days until everyone has finally calmed down.


We also see a huge shift this week when Saturn enters Capricorn. If you remember this past autumn, when I discussed the shift of Jupiter into Scorpio, I predicted a shift in sexual liberation. This certainly has affected many areas around the world, especially in terms of fashion and sexual rights. It has been most clearly seen in the United States, where victims of sexual assault are finding their voices. As Saturn prepares to enter Capricorn on the 19th, we begin to fall under its influence for approximately the next two and half years.

So, what can we expect for Saturn in this sign? First we must recognize that Saturn is very happy in Capricorn, and will be relieved after spending two awkward years in Sagittarius. In Capricorn we see a switch for conservation, joining forces, tradition, cutting losses, making things last, and generally an uphill battle towards success. The last time Saturn transited here was 1989-1991. During this period the world saw the reunification of Germany, the restructuring of diplomatic relations between the UK and Argentina, the agreement between US President Bush Sr. and Russian Premiere Gorbachev to cease building chemical weapons, and the production of the Saturn brand car.  While I don’t believe the Saturn car company will get a revival, it is still interesting to note that it was developed when Saturn was in its strongest position.

When considering what we can expect during Saturn here there is one fact from its previous transit that stands out. The initiatory talks between Israel and Palestine. Recently the 45th President of the United States made history by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. While many believe this will only cause tension between these two groups, with Saturn returning to Capricorn we may see negotiations begin once again, or make strides towards peace. Politics are never an easy conversation to have, but we cannot ignore that this is Saturn’s realm of expertise and will often have a strong influence on world governments.

For the general public Saturn in Capricorn is likely to bring discipline, productivity, and the ability to move towards a more secure future. This is great news for those of you who are thinking about making a change towards more security. This can range from deciding to go back to school, enroll in a retirement savings plan, or simply become more responsible with money. This week also brings the transiting Sun aligning with Saturn, which will illuminate this typically dismal planet on the 21st, right before Mercury goes direct. This can bring some much needed light to father figures, supervisors, and people in position of power. Make sure you take time to recognize these individuals in your life as our focus is likely to shift towards these types of individuals.

Introducing Astro Homework

Hidden Insights is excited to announce a new section to the weekly horoscope. This is called Astro Homework. It takes the transits for the week, months, and year and gives us real world tasks in order to make the best of the energy the stars are giving us. If the word homework gives you anxiety think of it as a suggestion box, to do list, or activity for success. Feel free to let us know in the comments section below if you would like to suggest a new title for this section.

This week’s Astro Homework

This week I would like to you to think about what areas of your life you could learn to be more responsible. Before Friday, make a list of all of your goals, and a quick note about how to achieve these over the next two years. Do this before Thursday, and over the weekend take the list out again and reach out to a friend or family member to run your ideas by.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

This week’s New Moon is all about adventure for you, Aries, as you prepare to make some changes in your life. It energizes your desire to do something more, something new, or something exciting. Of course it’s best to make sure you try not to rush too quickly into anything as Mercury is still retrograde until Friday. These feelings of excitement are heightened on Wednesday, when you may encounter someone who inspires you to do more in life. Take any advice you get then with a grain of salt. Saturn’s transit into Capricorn for the next two and a half years sets the stage for advancement at work. In this area of your chart, it may begin to seem as though work becomes more difficult, or demanding. What you need to remember during this period is that the hard work you put in now is going to set yourself up for seemingly endless rewards. You just need to get through some of the weeds.

Fortune cookie: A pleasant surprise is in store for you                   

Taurus (21 April — 20 May)           

Settling debts seems to be theme of the week for you, Taurus. The New Moon allows you to not only settle debt, but also settle arguments with others. This could prove to be particularly important if someone in your life has not been well lately. You will want to use the last week of the Mercury retrograde gather your thoughts concerning these types of matters before finally making your move over the weekend. Think of it as a purging of conscience, as you will feel a great sigh of relief after handling some of these more difficult areas of life. As Saturn moves into Capricorn, you will spend most of the next two and a half years looking for ways to improve yourself. Saturn here wants us to question if we are working towards our highest good, and if we are honoring our truest self. Your faith may also be tested during this period, and you will want to make sure you spend time building a firm foundation of your spiritual values.

Fortune cookie: Your blessing is no more than being safe and sound for the whole lifetime

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

As your ruling planet spends its last few days retrograde, Gemini, you may feel like you are  waiting for the proverbial  shoe to drop. It is likely you may have been experiencing some anxiety over the last several weeks, and now you may finally get some relief. This will be particularly evident if the stressors have concerned relationships in your life. Chances are your own fears are not actually founded, and any problems you thought you had will soon be seen as invalid. This weekend is likely to flow rather nicely for you with warm gatherings of friends, and carefree celebration. Saturn’s passed through your 8th house, and the next two and a half years will call to questions how you deal with intimate relationships, and you may lose the ability to control your immediate surroundings the way you always have. It can be difficult, but you must learn over this period to let go of power and control. This is also a period where we must confront unhealthy habits or addictions. You will no longer be able to ignore what is unhealthy for you, and Saturn will drag you towards a healthier you one way or another.

Fortune cookie: Don’t ask, don’t say. Everything lies in silence.

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

It’s all about shifting into a new gear this week, Cancer, as the New Moon will ignite your house of routines and daily tasks. This will be a welcome change from the monotonous and exhausting routine you had been following. Wednesday will likely be your trigger day, and information or tasks done will bring the final ending to your old routine. Mercury also goes direct in this same area of your chart on Friday, catapulting you towards a new set of responsibilities that will be much less taxing on your system. Saturn’s transit into Capricorn brings some exciting news on the love and romance front for you over the next two and a half years. As the planet of stability as well as learning life lessons, you are on the verge of learning a great deal about what you want and need in relationships. At times, this can bring a stable relationship into our lives, as well as the strengthening of relationships and many people get engaged or married during this transit. You’ll want to possibly start considering what you are looking for in a relationship or how you want to solidify the one you have.

Fortune cookie: Let there be magick in your smile, and firmness in your handshake.

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Passion and creativity are set on fire for you this week, Leo, as the New Moon triggers this area of your life. Of course, much of this may be bubbling below the surface waiting for Mercury to station direct on Friday. It’s time this week to consider how you will tackle problems creatively. There is  a good chance you may want to invest in some art therapy as a way to relieve the stress of the mundane life. On Wednesday, you may want to anticipate a surprise from a female in your life. Saturn’s passage through your 6th house can bring some stress to your work environment, and you may feel more pressure than you are used to. Here we are asked to assess how we manage our time, and must learn not to procrastinate. It may also signal a potential change in your diet, as your health comes into focus. Saturn wants to make sure we are doing the best that we can, and with Saturn sometimes it’s a tough lesson to learn. Plan ahead and make sure you are attending to your responsibilities and your health to avoid any unnecessary Saturn stress.

Fortune cookie: Pray for what you want, but work for the things you need.

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

As much as we want home and family to stay the same, Virgo, there are times when it has to change. The Mercury retrograde in this area of your chart paired with the New Moon in the same sector is likely to bring some much needed change to this area of your life. Confusion that has been taking place in this area could be cleared up as early as this weekend, but it’s more likely that Mercury moving direct will only set the balls in motion. The New Moon here asks you to shift how you look at your home in a new way. Reach out to family if these changes feel unsettling. Chances are they will be able to help you make the best changes. As Saturn moves into your 5th house, it is time to reevaluate your talents, and make some decisions about what makes you happy in life. At first this transit can feel lonely, and you may experience that for the first several months or year of its passage here. However, the second half is much more productive and exciting. At its best we learn to love ourselves better, and the next two years will be a wonderful period of self-discovery.

Fortune cookie: Your heart is pure, and your mind clear, and your soul devout.

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

The last two weeks may have been a tornado of chaos for you, Libra, if you hadn’t managed to remain calm and patient in the face of roadblocks. This is because Mercury has been  mischievous in your 3rd house. Fortunately for you it will all come to an end this weekend. A very important conversation may take place with a loved one or romantic partner this week, and you will want to prepare yourself for a small shock. This weekend promises to bring some activity to your home, and you may want to keep yourself prepped for either planned or unexpected guests. As Saturn moves into your 4th house, this planet will begin to influence how and where you find stability. This is often considered a very gentle transit for Saturn, with little change. However, you may spend the next two years find yourself interested in genealogy, your family history, and roots. If you have ever wanted to delve into this type of research, now is the best time to start this type of project. Saturn’s energy will give you the ability to knock through walls that may have kept parts of your family past hidden or secret.

Fortune cookie: Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later.

Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

Your senses will be heightened this week, Scorpio, as the New Moon triggers your second house on Monday. Here you may feel the need to indulge your pleasure centres, but you’ll want to make sure not to overdo it. Scorpios are not known for their ability to avoid excess. In the final days of the Mercury retrograde you, above all signs, will want to watch your bank account and wallet very carefully. There is great potential for confusion, incorrect transactions, or loss of funds. Just keep an eye out to avoid any headaches later. This weekend could bring some transportation confusion so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get from point A to point B. As Saturn moves into your 3rd house your own thoughts get a nice dose of Saturn’s reality for the next two and a half years. Here you are likely to experience the need to produce new ideas, make frank observations, and generally let your voice be heard. At its best, you are likely to become a sounding board for those who will seek out your opinions.

Fortune cookie: Make two grins grow where there was only a grouch before.

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

It’s always exciting when a New Moon falls in the first house, Sagittarius. This gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. If you have been concerned that others are not seeing you for who you truly are, now is the time to make those types of changes. This can be simple a change in our own attitude towards ourselves, or as drastic as an entire makeover. Either way, make sure you enjoy the confidence that comes from the New Moon here. This weekend you may hear about a family member who is ill, so make sure you have time put aside to reach out with some well wishes. As Saturn moves into your 2nd house, it is time for you to reassess what you value most in life, and take stock of what is important to you and what no longer serves a purpose. While the next two and a half years may not be the most financially lucrative period of your life, but you’ll certainly be able to save if you are conservative.

Fortune cookie: Be mischievous and you will not be lonesome.

Capricorn (21 December —20 January)

It’s all about Capricorn this time of year as the Sun moves into your sign on Thursday. Luck is bound to follow when the Sun enters our sign, along with the excitement of a birthday. Just before the sun moves into Capricorn the Moon will align with the Sun in Sagittarius in your 12th house. This brings a period of review and allows us to take a step back and breathe for a moment.  Enjoy this week as a period of reflection before things start to heat up next week. This weekend could bring you out hiding if you have been keeping to yourself lately. You will be glad you gave yourself some time to rest, as excitement is bound to fill Saturday. When Saturn moves into Capricorn this week it will bring with it a very personal touch as it will be in your sign for the next two and a half years. Where Saturn can often feel like a wet blanket, you are actually familiar with Saturn’s energies and will be able to handle it better than most of the other signs. You can expect to experience a more stable and constructive outlook towards life, and you’ll likely go through several direction changes over this period.

Fortune cookie: As the purse is emptied the heart is filled.

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

Networking will be your best friend this week, Aquarius, as you’re bound to make some really exciting new connections this week. While others are being tossed around in the final pangs of the Mercury retrograde, you’ll be navigating the social waters with ease. What may surprise you the most about meeting an array of new people this week will be the connections that can be through a family member. Perhaps an aunt, cousin, or sibling will be able to promote or introduce you to someone who could prove to be very helpful. This weekend could be a bit more serious than usual for you, but you’ll want to plough through some feelings of practicality to get out and socialize. The connections made this week are likely to be beneficial in both business and love. As Saturn changes signs, it moves into your house of undoing. While this may seem a bit ominous, it’s actually a really productive palace for Saturn. At first it may feel like an existential crisis, but the next two and a half years will mark a period where you get to sort out all of your unfinished business. Essentially, the universe is asking you to confront fears, address our failures, and move on from connections or attachments that are no longer healthy or useful to us.

Fortune cookie: He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.

Pisces (21 February —20 March)

If those around you have been questioning your authority, Pisces, or have made statements that could have hurt your reputation, this will be the week to clear that up. This week is all about reestablishing your public image. While this may not have been easy to see, your sensitive nature has likely sensed it. Take time this week to make sure you are presenting yourself in a professional and commanding manner in order to reinforce your position. A refund may surprise you on Wednesday, as well as the potential need to send money to a female in your life. Do this without hesitation and you’ll be on the right side of the stars. As Saturn moves into Capricorn it passes into your 11th house. The next two and a half years are likely to be coloured by finding your place in society. It may have seemed to come into focus over the last several years, but an entirely new outlook is making its way into your life. This may cause some stress as Saturn here can make us feel alienated. The great part of this transit is it really allows us to sort through who our real friends are, and make lasting bonds with those who are truly aligned with who we are as individuals.

Fortune cookie:  The beginning of wisdom is to desire it.