“To start with, I’ll tell you what I think Punk isn’t – it isn’t a fashion, a certain style of dress, a passing ‘phase’ of knee-jerk rebellion against your parents, the latest ‘cool’ trend or even a particular form of style or music, really – it is an idea that guides and motivates your life. The Punk community that exists, exists to support and realize that idea through music, art, fanzines and other expressions of personal creativity. And what is this idea? Think for yourself, be yourself, don’t just take what society gives you, create your own rules, live your own life.”

– Mark, Anderson, Positive Force, 1985

“I’ll tell you what Punk is – a bunch of kids with funny haircuts talking pseudo-political bullshit and spouting liberal philosophies they know little or nothing about.”

– Russell Ward, letter in Maximum Rock N Roll #103

“Hardcore: a bleached-blond defiant sixteen-year old living alone in a downtown hotel; sleazy but on her own. Hardcore: the S.S.I. recipient being paid off by the government to stay out of trouble and renting a rehersal studio with his monthly check (sic). Hardcore: the corporate flunky who quis his job to manage a band of acned adolescents.”

– Peter Belsito and Bob Davis, Hardcore California