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SpiralNature.com was first launched in 2000, but its history goes back further than that.  It’s the product of several successive websites dealing with similar themes.

In 1996 I was involved with a Wiccan coven and created a website for the group on Geocities.  The site hosted information relating to Wicca and Paganism, with a bit of information about the group and its members.  The coven disintegrated a year later, largely due to natural causes, but I continued to maintain the website, updating it occasionally and responding to questions posed.

Later in 1997, as my interests broadened, I decided I wanted the site to likewise broaden its collection of information to include other alternative religions and magickal traditions.  The site also needed a makeover, easier navigation, and a change to its look and feel.  I gave the site a new name, Silver Skies, and set about changing it, formating it to accommodate frames and including new information on various topics.

I was turned on to Drak.net in 1998, and Silver Skies made its first move, while I spent time struggling to master tables, still hard coding HTML in Notepad. Silver Skies still contained predominantly neo-pagan content, but it was expanding. Now there were a few articles on Satanism, as well as focusing more on magick.

By 2000 I was ready for my own domain, but had some difficulties coming up with a solid name that reflected my expanding interests and the interests of the site’s readers.  My husband came up with the name Spiral Nature, possibly with the assistance of a random name generator.  Essentially, it came down to utter chaos and what sounded cool at the time. I still like the name.

I began coding as soon as my account was set up, converting the information from Silver Skies and updating it to reflect my current understanding of things. I also asked around for a few articles on topics that I hadn’t covered yet, and slowly but surely the site was growing.

As of August 2008 the site contains more than 600 pages of articles, essays, interviews and media reviews.  In September 2008 I began converting these pages to a database format using WordPress.org software as a content management system for the website, and created the theme you see now.

Clearer, more dynamic menus offer better site navigation, and better readability using a white background over the previous black, and you now have the ability to view lists of articles by category, author or topic.

Along with the site conversion, a number of pages have been removed or edited to keep them in line with the higher standards expected along with the new site design.

You are now viewing SpiralNature.com 2.0. Enjoy.