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Animal Powers

By Xi O'Teaz
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By Xi O'Teaz
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Smudging: How to do it, and how not to do it

By Michelle Chihacou White Puma Klein-Hass
Smudging is a way of using the smoke from burning herbs as a way

Shamanism-General Overview-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By Dean Edwards
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A Study in Shamanism

By The Silver Circle
Shaman (pronounced SHAH-maan) is a word from the language of the Tungus people of

Touch the Earth

By Stonehawk
No matter what, home is the ground upon which we walk, which has always

Western Shamanism

By Dean Edwards
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Shaman Priest

By nagasiva
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Web of Power & The Spirit World

By Wyldkat
One of the most basic beliefs of shamanism is the belief in the web

Learning About Shamanism

By Wyldkat
As you start to practice shamanism in your life you will start to see

The Academic Question of Shamanic Studies

By Dean Edwards
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Real shamanism

By Lynsa
I'm not an academic. I'm not a traditional medicine person or secret society member