About Kalagni

Kalagni is a Buddhist Ceremonial Magickian living in Toronto. Kalagni recently finished attending university for multiple degrees in fields of study including history and English, and is now hiding in the corporate world.

The Cailleach, by Rachel Patterson

I was very excited by the prospect of The Cailleach -- as someone with

Tibetan Shamanism, by Larry Peters

Tibetan Shamanism is an anthropologist’s work based on decades of study and first-hand experience

Angels of the Zodiac, by Patricia Papps

Angels of the Zodiac would have come across better had it presented itself as

Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui, by Dr. Stephen Skinner

Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui guides the reader deeper into the nuances of feng

Dream Yoga, by Andrew Holecek

Whether or not you are Buddhist, if you’re interested in exploring your mind and

Stars and Stones, by Peter Stockinger

Stars and Stones looks to give readers a practical guide on using gems and

Astrology, Plain and Simple, by Cass and Janie Jackson

I’m always looking for good introductory books, so when Astrology, Plain & Simple claimed

Michelle Belanger on urban fantasy and world-making

The Shadowside series is Michelle Belanger’s well-researched attempt to flesh out the mythology of

Michelle Belanger on urban fantasy and world-making: The uncut interview

Members Only: An extended interview with Michelle Belanger about The Shadowside series, Belanger’s take

Ancestor Work Fundamentals

With Ancestor Work Fundamentals, you will learn basic practices from around the world, and

Ancestor Work Fundamentals: Final Test

This final test confirms your knowledge and understanding of the full Ancestor Work Fundamentals

Lesson 8: Quiz

This quiz confirms your knowledge and understanding of Ancestor Work Fundamentals: Lesson 8: Favours.