About Gesigewigu's

Ges is a Buddhist Ceremonial Magickian living in Toronto. Ges recently finished attending university for multiple degrees in fields of study including history and English, and is now hiding in the corporate world.

Jerusalem! The Real Life of William Blake, by Tobias Churton

Tobias Churton's Jerusalem! explores the life and wild genius of William Blake.

Christian Mythology, by Philippe Walter

In this book, Philippe Walter asks: how much of Christian mythology and celebration is

Module 8: Favours

Make sure the favours you ask for are something they’d help with before making

Exercise 8: Asking

There are two camps on asking for help, one advocates for the simple method,

Exercise 7: Hosting a Dumb Feast

Whether you use a formal temple space, or your normal dining room for your

Module 7: Conversations with Dead People

Along with offerings, most cultures also have feasts and festivals for the dead in

Exercise 6: Healing Work

The easiest way to work on healing a broken relationship is to simply begin

Module 6: Healing the Dead

Admit it, you love your family, but maybe not everyone. You now have the

Exercise 5: Energy Offering

My favourite method of offering energy is a variation on a Shinto method I

Module 5: Deepen Connections

Even after all that work the relatives also might not be strong enough to

Exercise 4: Establish Contact

Some family members seem to hang around after death and make their presence known,

Module 4: Bring Out Your Dead

How active and accessible your ancestors are depends on a wide variety of factors.