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Linkage: Salem, deities, and living a Pagan lifestyle

A spell to stay grounded during the holiday season that may also be relevant

Poll: What kind of winter decorations do you put up?

Are you one of those people who disguises their spiritual decorations as secular? This

Linkage: Unicorns, faeries, and Viking Muslims

Unicorns in magick. On faery doors and faery houses. The patriarchy and Friday the

Linkage: Geomancy, runes, and a witch’s ladder

How to generate geomantic figures. On creating your own rune set. Sex and dating

Linkage: Wizards, shoggoths, and satanic cakes

Magus, sorcerer, wizard -- what's in a name? Wondering what a shoggoth is? The Satanic

September 2017 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

In September, we published 7 articles, 6 reviews, 4 columns of Hidden Insights, and 5 other items. We’ve

Poll: What kind of Hallowe’en decorations do you put up?

October's poll asks, What kind of decorations do you put up for Hallowe'en? Many of

Linkage: Masks, mermaids, and routine

Masks can serve a variety of purposes. Immanence in Paganism. Who are the angels

August 2017 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

We need your help to help stabilize Spiral Nature Magazine to ensure that we

Linkage: Helicopter elders, Persephone, and patience

Are helicoptor elders a thing? Thoughts on Persephone's descent. Patience isn't just a virtue,

Poll: Do you consider yourself an activist?

September's poll asks, Do you consider yourself an activist? What are your thoughts on activism?

July 2017 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

In June we regaled you with the awesome things we did, and I’ll give