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July 2017 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

In June we regaled you with the awesome things we did, and I’ll give

Poll: Have you ever gone on a pilgrimage?

August’s poll asks, Have you ever gone on a pilgrimage? Pilgrimages can take many forms,

Linkage: Faery food, ethics, and negativity

What's the deal with faery food? Ethics in tarot reading. Witchy ways to deal

Job Posting: Assistant editor for Spiral Nature

As you may or may not know, Spiral Nature Magazine is run by a tiny handful

June 2017 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

In June, we published six articles, eight reviews, four editions of our weekly astrology column, Hidden Insights, and six other

Linkage: Intuition, self-love, and music

Some thoughts on intuition and self-trust. On loving yourself and self-care. The first Pagan

Linkage: Value shifts, work, and the least liked trump

Occulturally, we're experiencing a shift in values. Crystals to help in the workplace. The

Linkage: Wonder Woman, knights, and iron

How Wonder Woman serves as a model for women and priestesses. Understanding the knight

Poll: What type of cards do you read?

Our poll for July 2017 asks, What type of cards do you read? We've got

Linkage: Lily of the valley, money, and talismans

The talisman for safe driving that I wish everyone in Toronto had. Herbal magick

Three ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is upon us, and whether you celebrate Litha, Midsummer, or just

Linkage: Liver, skulls, and necromancy

The Vicious Liver Spell lives up to its name. Is "armchair Paganism" a thing?