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Linkage: Camphor, healing, and elemental energies

On the magical uses of camphor. Thoughts on visualization. Astrological talismans for healing the

Linkage: Warding, sigils, and sex magick

Warding using tarot. Also, techniques for magical defence. Sex magick for Atheopagans. The Magician

Poll: If April brought showers, May brings…

May's poll asks, if April brought showers, May brings... what? For me, it means

Linkage: Beltane, Samhain, mentors, and worship

On walking a Pagan path with integrity and being aware of appropriative practices. Mentors

Linkage: Sacred space, belief, and feminism

Sacred space within Druidry. Twelve senses mapped onto the tree of life. So, like,

Linkage: Tarot, danger, and witchcraft in the city

How do you choose the right tarot deck? Is magick dangerous? Adventures of a

March 2018 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

As you can see, we had a shortfall in March, this time of $67.

Linkage: Logos, faith, and identity

White dudes converting to faiths founded and dominated by visible minorities can create problems

Linkage: Satanism, ritual, and fashion

Creating your own satanic statements is totally in the spirit of modern Satanism. Ritual roles

Linkage: Spies, self-care, and Mars

On Aleister Crowley as spy. Self-care is super important. A petition to Mars. Is

Linkage: Runes, love, and magick

On runes and disruption. How Egypt functions in the western occult tradition. Meditation for

Linkage: Tarot, meditation, and the Devil

Tarot has taken its lumps, but I think it will endure. On long-term meditation