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Linkage: Discordianism, Druidry, and satanic altars

Glamour as a requirement for survival. How to make your own Satanic altar. The

Staff changes at Spiral Nature

Spiral Nature has some staff changes this April. Two people are moving on, and

Linkage: Homelands, pleasure, and abundance

Why Pagans need homelands of their own. On the value of pleasure. Making an

Linkage: Celebrations, astrology, and training spirits

Advice on how to train them, and yourself. There are celebrations about contemporary Paganism's

See Nico talk chaos magick at Flambeau Noir in Ottawa

Flambeau Noir is an international left-hand path conference taking place from 28-30 April in

March 2017 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

As you can see, in January Spiral Nature had a shortfall of $186, in

Spiral Nature Readership Survey 2017

Spiral Nature would like to know more about you: what you like, and what

Linkage: Herbalism, meditation, and justice

Herbal magick with gardenias. The neophyte meditation in the Golden Dawn. Thoughts on Sikhism

Poll: What are your thoughts on trickster gods?

April's poll asks, What are your thoughts on trickster gods? Click to vote on

Linkage: Tea, solitary magick, and death witches

On solitary magick. Combining tea and ritual. What does it mean to be a

Linkage: Fear, failure, and success

Fear in Paganism. Devotional practice shouldn't make you feel like a failure. What counts

Linkage: Mental illness, witch hunts, and morality

On witchcraft and mental illness. "Witch hunt" does not mean what you think it