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Publisher and editor-in-chief

Nico Mara-McKayNico Mara-McKay (Psyche) is the founder and editor-in-chief of Spiral Nature, and has been published in numerous journals, including The Cauldron, PanGaia, and Witches & Pagans. Psyche is on Twitter as @plutopsyche, and on Tumblr as plutopsyche. You can also find them at nicomaramckay.com.

Reviews editor

Sharon WoodsSharon Woods (Sharon) is a casually practicing academic Pagan with particular interest in the Celtic branches of Paganism, goddess worship, Wicca and anything to do with fairies. She has an honours degree with a double major in English and Religious Studies, with her religious thesis focusing on the intersection of feminism and new age religious movements and the necessity of a goddess figure in contemporary society.

Assistant editor

Sarah BentvelzenSarah Bentvelzen (SarahBentvelzen) is a writer and proofreader based in Sydney, Australia. She has a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing with Curtin University and recently graduated with honours with her thesis on the construction of feminine virtue in The Marquis de Sade’s Justine. She is a cat worshipper and competitive fencer.

Assistant editor

Deirdre ReileyDeirdre Riley (DeirdreRiley) is a writer, artist, and eclectic witch living in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not indulging her lifelong interest in magick and spirituality, she’s crafting, gaming, and reading weird fiction.

Staff writers


Donyae ColesDonyae Coles (DonyaeColes) is a tarot reader but is an equal opportunist when it comes to divination. She’s a freelance writer and creates brightly coloured but still dark art. You can follow her adventures on her personal blog, freenightsandweekends.org.

Astrology columnist

Nikki GardinerNikki Gardiner (nikkigardiner) is a writer, astrologer and tarot card-slinger (among other things). She believes in the power of the various tools she uses to expand and deepen personal awareness and foster autonomy. She offers readings using a person-centered approach with a focus on encouraging and empowering narratives at stateofwildgrace.com.

Past staff

Senior editor emerita

Jenna Dachuk

Jenna Danchuk (Hathormetic) is a writer, researcher, witch, and occasional maker of things. She is the former Associate Editor of WORN Fashion Journal; a now-defunct, independently published, alternative fashion magazine. She is a current PhD student in the Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies Department at York University where she studies art and culture produced in queer and feminist subcultures. Her dissertation addresses the relationship between historical and contemporary formations of feminist witchcraft and goddess worship.

Assistant editor emeritus

Seth Harris

Seth Harris (Neutralrobot) is a student of magick and yoga with a background in chaos magick, Thelema, and Satyananda yoga (also known as Bihar yoga). Currently, his regular practice mostly takes the form of kriya yoga, with eclectic sprinklings of roll-your-own magick as needed.

Assistant editor emerita

Kait FowlieKait Fowlie (Kait) is a writer and editor in Toronto. She’s interested in holistic wellness, collage, and energy healing.

Advertising coordinator emerita

susan-may2013Susan Starr (SusanStarris a writer, a shamanic and third-degree Reiki practitioner, and a Tarot and oracle card reader. Her newly published oracle deck is called Gaia’s Vision Oracle Cards, and is based on the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. Follow Susan on Facebook and on Twitter as @Coach_Starr.

Astrology columnist emerita

Liz WorthLiz Worth (LizWorth) is an astrologer, tarot reader, and author. She once thought her one and only career would be as a writer, but ever since she bought her first tarot deck in 2008, her life has never been the same. Today she uses astrology and tarot to help others gain clarity and control, uncover their power and potential, and overcome obstacles and setbacks. Liz can be reached at lizworth.com.