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Problems with whitewashing in worship

By Donyae Coles
Even in enlightened communities such as our own, whitewashing happens in spiritual practice.

Pop culture magick: Intro and prosperity spell

By Emily Carlin
Pop culture magick is all the rage these days, but that begs the questions:

Iconic occult documentaries of the ’70s

By Hathormetic
There's a certain something about occult documentaries made in the 1970s.

The Babadook: Everyone gets what they want

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Amelia starts to think that the monster from a children’s book, the titular Babadook,

Everything is awesome! Magick, metaphor and Lego

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
This has been a great year for occult and philosophically tinged pop culture, and

Twin Peaks: The fire still burns

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Like all Lynch's best work, Twin Peaks partakes strongly of the numinous, the

As Above, So Below [spoilers]

By Bianca Lee
To appreciate As Above So Below, you may need to issue a few forgiveness

When is it cultural theft?

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Just because I can use the tools does not mean I can or should

Call up not what ye cannot cast down: an occult look at The Possession of Michael King

By J Simpson
In The Possession of Michael King, things take a turn for the sinister when

Doing it wrong: cultural theft and Supernatural

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Maybe, like many other fictional organisations, Supernatural's fictional Men of Letters will inspire devotees

True Detective: A flat circle in Chapel Perilous

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Within True Detective the Yellow King is kept at a remove...mentioned with fear but

Pop occulture and hyper-real religion

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Occulture is now part of the mainstream, and this has had a feedback effect.