Cat Tarot by Carole-Anne Eschenazi

There are a lot of really unique tarot decks out there that speak to

Healing the mother archetype: Mortal gods and the divine feminine

Pursuing my relationship with the Goddess allows my mother to become more human. She

Job Posting: Assistant editor for Spiral Nature

As you may or may not know, Spiral Nature Magazine is run by a tiny handful

Betwixt and Between, by Storm Faerywolf

To read Betwixt and Between is to become enthralled in a lesser-known, authentically American

Worshipping familiar gods: Going beyond pop culture

We can be called to honour deities from cultures other than our own. Even

Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 23 July 2017

Ready or not, here we roar with the New Moon in Leo. Hidden Insights

June 2017 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

In June, we published six articles, eight reviews, four editions of our weekly astrology column, Hidden Insights, and six other

Exercise 6: The Minor Arcana, Part Three: Swords and Pentacles

Now that you’ve reviewed the common interpretations, it’s time to take our your tarot

Linkage: Intuition, self-love, and music

Some thoughts on intuition and self-trust. On loving yourself and self-care. The first Pagan

Celtic Tree Oracle by Sharlyn Hidalgo

The Celtic Tree Oracle is based on tree wisdom. Tree lore and ogham feature

Poetry to deepen your understanding of tarot

I find the act of reading poetry to be similar to the act of

Witchy Mama, by Melanie Marquis and Emily A. Francis

Witchy Mama incorporates nontraditional spirituality and magick into standard baby practices, making space for