Path of Paganism, by John Beckett

The Path of Paganism: An Experience-Based Guide to Modern Pagan Practice. is a book

Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 15 July 2018

Last week, Hidden Insights didn’t know where to start, there was so much going

Linkage: Mice, borders, and the old ways

Need a spell to get rid of a mouse? A sigil to resolve border

Runes, by Teresa Drofn Freysdottir Njardvik

Simply put, Runes: The Icelandic Book of Futhark is the best and most complete

Deepen your connection to the land throughout the Wheel of the Year

Emma Kathryn writes on how to work with the seasons of Sabbats through the

Sorcerer’s Screed, by Jochum magnus Eggertsson

Sorcerer's Screed The Icelandic Book of Magic Spells is highly unusual and tremendously entertaining,

Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 8 July 2018

It is difficult for Hidden Insights to know where to begin this week. Jupiter

June 2018 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

June 2018 we published 4 new articles, 8 reviews, 4 editions of our popular weekly astrology column, Hidden Insights, and 7

Linkage: Tyrants, activism, and sex magick

On overthrowing tyrants and magical resistance. That said, rituals in and of themselves ought

Blessed Be Cards

My experience with different oracle decks is gradually growing and is not as extensive

A spell of awe and protection: The Washing Verse

The Washing Verse is a versatile spell from the Icelandic grimoire tradition. The main

Job Posting: Art columnist wanted

Our new art columnist will contribute a column that can range in topics and themes, while