About Susan Starr

Susan Starr is a writer, a shamanic and third-degree Reiki practitioner, and a Tarot and oracle card reader. Her newly published oracle deck is called Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards, and is based on the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. Follow Susan on Facebook and on Twitter as @Coach_Starr.

Divine Circus Oracle

The Divine Circus Oracle, invites the reader to live a life of sacred subversion

Ayahuasca Jungle Visions: A Coloring Book

Alexander George Ward is a supremely talented artist and his Ayahuasca Jungle Visions is

Ride the Tiger, by Julius Evola

Ride the Tiger was reprinted in English last year, 55 years after its first

Magical Destinations of the Northeast, by Natalie Zaman

Magical Destinations of the Northeast is a compendium of places designed to lift you

Color Your Tarot, by Barbara Moore

Colouring is emerging as a favorite pastime and method for meditation, and Color Your

The Magical Use of Prayer Beads, by Jean-Louis de Biasi

The Magical Use of Prayer Beads provides unique rituals for four living traditions that

Divination of the Ancients

The Divination of the Ancients oracle cards depict age-old divinatory practices that will assist

Whispers from the Earth, by Taz Thornton

The stories contained in Whispers from the Earth speak to the human condition, so

San Pedro: The Gateway to Wisdom, by Ross Heaven

The San Pedro cactus has been used ceremonially for thousands of years. Ross Heaven

Shamanic Trance Dance

With Shamanic Trance Dance, Byron Metcalf blends traditional instruments with synthesizers, and ambient textures

Samhain: A bubbling cauldron full of fun crafts

Samhain, of all the sabbats, is the one I most associate with craft-making.

Essential Astrology, by Amy Herring

If there were a required textbook for beginning astrology students, Essential Astrology by Amy