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Lupa is a twenty-something pagan and experimental magician living in the Pacific Northwest. She is the author of several books on occult and related topics, as well as a prolific magical artist. She may be found online at

Coming back to roost: The importance of the ego in personality aspecting

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Fish art, image by Sam ReckwegPersonality aspecting (heretofore known simply as “aspecting”) is the art of invoking, for varying lengths of time not necessarily limited to ritual space, aspects of the self other than the ego. We as humans are capable of utilizing the entire range of the psyche, though through conditioning and habit we tend to be narrowed down to a sliver of preferred patterns known as the ego. Part of this is sheer necessity of communication. We’re used to identifying people by their behaviour patterns, and anyone who acts noticeably “out of character” may be questioned. Read More

The differences between traditional and Pagan totemism

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Totem, photo by Kenny FrancisAnimal totemism is a hot topic among magical folk, in particular Pagans and shamans. This, of course, has spawned a growing number of books about totems which vary in quality from excellent to appalling, as books are wont to do. Many of them attempt to be an improvement on Ted Andrews’ works, which spawned the “totem dictionary with some extra stuff” trend. In addition, there are numerous websites about totems, again of varying quality. It’s laughably easy to find the information you seek. Read More