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Thelemic Will

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Subject: re: Uncle Al's "Do what thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law": To: The zee-list

>>And you threw the Crowley quote as if to say it >>means nothing more than, "do what ever you want to". >>In which case... if that was what it meant, that is >>what it would read. > >that is what it reads....i me it is. anyone >else care to suggest it means otherwise? i know there >are some more qualified than me on this list on >Crowley's works...

Thelema is a Greek word meaning "Will". The way that Crowley used the term, he meant *Will* as in a Path that one follows in Life. It has a kinda "higher" feel to it, in that one's life should be spent discovering and then following their "True Will" (cf. *will*, as in a mere fleeting desire or want). Read More


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From: Xi O’Teaz
To: zee-list

<< What are other folk’s opinions of the phenomenon of >so-called `spirit-possession’? Is it `real’? >>

IME, *yes*, it is real. It has been called the same thing as Obsession, which would be accurate, minus the negative connotations modern psychology attaches to it. I have witnessed and Experienced various degrees of Possession, myself.

If you are asking about an “Exorcist” type of Possession, I don’t recall any experience as long-term and dramatic as that (or any other Occult phenomena as it has been portrayed in Hollywood FX, for that matter).

<< Is it ‘just’ a form of `mental illness’? >>

Most psychologists would say *yes*, it is a mental illness.

As a former Psych major, however, I would have to strongly disagree with this stance (one of many things I disagree with mainstream psychology about). I should qualify this statement by saying that *anything* that causes a severe imBalance (with unDesirable effects in one’s life) is a dis-Ease, to me.

So *my* answer would be *no*, it is not a mental illness, unless the Possession impairs your Desired functioning in Life.

<<How would a `chaote’ who does not use the `spirit model’ fit such a phenomenon into their paradigm? >>

A variety of ways (but it would sure help to know what “your paradigm” is):

*Acting* and *role-playing* are but 2 examples of what I would term Possession.

Have you ever done an Invocation? *That* is spirit-Possession.

I really like the idea of morphic fields, and I tend to use them as substitutes for “spirits”. I just access/Link to the morphic field via Correspondences, acting as a channel or conduit, and go from there. I think that both channel and conduit are apt descriptions, but that may be just my Taoist leanings.

I also get Possessed by music at clubs, acting as a channel thru which the music Manifests/Acts-out. I.e., I’m not in control as much as the music is. Lack of primary control is one of the hallmarks of Possession, IMHO.

Another way you could look at Possession is thru the lenses of NLP (one of my favorites). NLP would look at Possession as a Program that has been installed, (at least temporarily) overriding the main Programs that we are accustomed to.

Your Imagination is your only Limit to
How you
Choose to
Perceive your


<< Or must one of necessity include the spirit model in order to explain observable reality? >>

Nope, see above.

<< Or is the question irrelevant because `nothing is true, everything is permitted’? >>


As I always say,





Magickal Precision

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From: Xi O’Teaz
To: zee-list

>I most always have marvelous results, but a lot of
>times the fallout is quite dramatic and not always
>quite worth the reward.

…i suppose that depends on an awful lot of factors…and whether you are trying something as small as sending a telepathic message to your twin, or something as large as getting spurious george to kill himself for the good of the world…

>The worst part is that people connected with me
>usually get hit too (some get hit real hard, to the
>horror of my guilt ridden, God-fearing twin) and it’s
>not in my intent AT ALL to harm anyone in the

…oooh…i never thought i’d say this, but have you ever even tried adding some qualifier at the end of a working, like “an it harm none”??? …i say this somewhat tongue in cheek, but maybe it’ll work?!?

…i’ve never really encountered this, that i can recall…

>And, the amount of shit that happens is directly
>proportionate to the size and value of the desired
>objective – the bigger it is, the worse things are in
>getting there, all the way around. Downright

…and sometimes, this just goes with the territory…but i’d think it should be more the exception than the rule…

>Any clues, or outright words of wisdom, that any of
>you can give me on exercises or such that I could do
>to strengthen my grip on these things?

…try a different technique??? ;-)

…with magick, your imagination is–literally–the only real limit to what you can do (although i’d argue against this, as well, i s’pose)…

…i’d suggest that you set up some parameters/limitations in which your magick may manifest itself…yes, you’re limiting your chances for “hitting your goal”, but it’s the same with a bomb vs. a bullet…maybe you’ve gotten really good at magickal bombing, so perhaps it’s time to take some sniper classes…maybe start with a machine gun, and work your way toward the more precise aiming skills…

>I know chaos is just that, and it grabs whatever it
>needs to in order to manipulate things and arrange
>them to allow you to get what you’ve ordered

…so order something in a different Way…

>but surely there are means to keep at least some
>rein on it so that it doesn’t just go like
>gangbusters through everything in a bee-line to the
>objective – which is exactly what happens in extreme
>need cases, crushing and soiling a lot of things in
>the process.

…i’d start with some Intents that you aren’t nearly as emotionally needy toward…enchant for a particular song to come on the radio tomorrow, and tomorrow, follow your intuition as to when you turn on the radio, and what station you listen to…


>(hmm – maybe it’s my ‘expedited service’ clause that
>needs tweeked…)

…that might have something to do with it…

…i think the most important thing is you sound like you need to change the manner in which you perform magickal rites…have you tried magickal flowcharts???

…i think you need to focus on setting some parameters, though…”will abort function if…”

or whatever

have fun

be creative

focus on a different technique

give clauses, limitation, or parameters

focus on the bullet, rather than the bomb

and of course

know thy selves


Intuition & Omens

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From: Xi O’Teaz
To: zee-list

Windrow asked re–>MyIntuition:

>Do you have any experiments I could try to utilize
>this system myself?

Hmmm… (this is where having a detailed Magickal Record comes in handy)… but since my last entry was a couple years ago… ;-)

First of all, re-read my other posts on this thread.

Second of all, how would *you* get in touch with your Intuition? I did pretty much the same thing (any newage book would have many hints), only I kinda isolated/identified the Neuro-Linguistic Program that is associated with Intuition–strengthening the anchors to access Intuition, personifying “my intuition” as “MyIntuition” (I generally do this with anything I wish to Imbed in my UnConscious), etc.

An example of Chronomancy as mentioned in another post would be to:

  1. Observe and record all sensations with any and all “voices” associated with an answer to a query, specifically looking for your Intuition.
  2. Wait until the answer appears in Real Life.
  3. Go back and determine which voice belonged to whom–e.g. “This voice was the Voice of Doubt; this voice was the Voice of Reason; and this voice was the Voice of Intuition” (this step is *essential* to Mastering one’s Intuition IMHO–certainly essential to Knowing Thy Selves).

From there, I do a few things. First, I notate the qualitative differences in the voices, so that in the future I may better discern them. I then re-program my memory to remember a strong Trust (and knowledge) of my Intuitive voice, with a feeling of distrust in the other (inaccurate) voices. Next time, I should feel a certain Trust in my Intuition, while all other voices are delivered with feelings of uneasiness. It’s a viscious circle upward of Trust for MyIntuition, and downward for the other voices.

Frequently, I would also ask my Intuition to “give me a sign” for something or another. This led me into the divinatory world of


In my Experience, Omens can basically be seen as “subjectively notable occurences in one’s environment that triggers meaningful Divinatory information to be received”.

What this means in practice is that some random thing catches your Attention in a Powerful enough way to enTrance you, and then gives you information about external events, generally completely unrelated to the original trigger (except symbolically).

The “random thing” can be a phrase that catches my attention (overheard, on a magazine cover, etc.), a particular ringing in my ears, a mailbox that stands out—ANY-THING that *catches my Attention*. If this were to be translated to Orthodox Chaoism, this would be the momentary “Gnosis/Trance” phase, I suppose ;-)

The “divinatory information” can come in any Imaginable form, but for me (a very kinesthetic person), I tend to *feel* a very particular form of visceral response (to whatever I am pondering), perhaps desirous/repelled, or perhaps positive/negative, etc.

Forget books on explaining Omens as you would on those that proclaim to reveal Dream symbolism–follow your Intuition in deciphering them both (and much more).

This is what comes to mind. I hope this helped.

Go Well




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There is a general feeling in the magickal-occult community that, in order to be a balanced Magi/Wiccan/etc, you must know not only Enchantments, but also a “Divination system”–i.e., one must also learn Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Pendulum, Astrology, etc as a Divinatory Tool. “Divination system” is here used to represent a comprehensive symbolic set, used to gather information from the exterior of one’s Selves.

Whilst I don’t disagree that the Path of Divinatory systems has merit, I Believe that there are other, equally valid Paths to receiving Information from one’s Reality.

I must confess that I have never Practiced/”gotten good” with a Divinatory system, as described above. I am a lazy Shaman, so I just like to involve my convenient, 24/7 Reality in “reception of incoming Information”. In other words, I don’t like the idea of having to carry around a deck of cards, rune set, etc, to do divinations. Oh, I “learned” many systems, but primarily use them only for Enchantments. This is because, at the same time, I want to have a way to be able to check my Deep Mind for opinions whilst away from my Temple. Some way I could access my Deep Mind no matter where I was, in a quick and relatively innocuous manner.

(I suppose I should qualify my lack of Divinatory systems with the fact that I have gotten pretty good at “reading Omens”, but that reading Omens really isn’t a “system” per se’, as much as an aspect of my intuition speaking *to* me.)

Enter “MyIntuition”:

MyIntuition is kinda like one of my Selves. I don’t really know how to describe him/her/It (does the gender matter?). It is a Self that “looks out for me,” as most Selves do. It is especially Adept at receiving Information from my external Reality. To be Honest, until I began writing this little essay, I never thought of MyIntuition as anything other than a voice in my head. Even though I’ve talked about “my intuition” to others before (which doesn’t sound like anything other than a statement regarding one’s “skills”), not until *typing* “MyIntuition” did I realize the full Selfhood It exhibits.

It took me quite a while to be able to distinguish MyIntuition from the Ego’s various vocal guises, e.g. Expectations, Doubts, Worries, Wishes, etc. But once I was able to generally distinguish MyIntuition from the other Voices, it has been fairly smooth sailing.

Here is how Our Communication generally works:

If “I” have a question for MyIntuition, I simply think of the question, and I then generally get a visceral reply from said Self (in NLP, I’m known as a “kinesthetic” person–others may experience the message primarily through other senses). I also Believe it takes Trust (in one’s Selves), Awareness (of successful “predictions”), and Experience/Practice to be Accurate in assessing the incoming info from MyIntuition.

If MyIntuition wishes to get *my* Conscious Attention, It will send a visceral message in some cryptic (and often objectively irrelevant) way. E.g., I may see 3 Ravens hopping about–I am then immediately struck by feelings I should Listen to my Magickal Self for advice on (whatever question/puzzle/etc I was pondering on). Perhaps, in this instance, the 3 Ravens represented “3 Coyotes Dancing” (as opposed to the Myriad of other Selves).

To use another example: frequently, if I am expecting to hear my roommates get home (by driving up), I will hear a “drive-up” sound about 1-3 minutes before they *actually* pull into the driveway. But it isn’t “clairaudience” per se’, because the way that MyIntuition “gets my Attention” can vary according to the situation. In this particular example, it is a form of Communication that MyIntuition and my other Selves have agreed on (through repetition), and generally represents the same thing. This particular symbol (hearing my roommate’s car pull up before he actually gets home) is fairly consistent, but that is only because of the repetitiveness of the “question” (“alert me when my roommates get home”).

Generally speaking, I often find that if MyIntuition wishes to get my Attention:

Step 1: My Attention is generally *grabbed* via some Random occurrence in my Reality (perhaps this is the EnTrance-ment stage? Am I being momentarily Possessed by MyIntuition?)

Step 2: I then become Aware of InComing Information from MyIntuition–anything from a mundane reminder (e.g., “hey man, don’t forget about the pizza in the oven”), to an Answer about MuchGreaterThings (e.g., “continuing with this job is pointless”).

Step 3: I then Decide to either Accept the situation in question, or Change it via Magickal or mundane means.

-Matter of fact, MyIntuition is almost rude in It’s interrupting my Conscious thoughts about various things, some things I rather wished I didn’t know about. But even though *Ignorance* is Bliss, I’d still rather take *Aware* any day, thank you.

I enjoy having another opinion/voice–one to Counter/Complement my Logical Self. I take both opinions (or more) on whatever the topic is, and “transcend” them both, as is implied in the number “3”.



Chemical Realities

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To: zee-list
Date: 11 November 2003

blades wrote:

>and given that what is real changes with chemicals,
>then truth is a chemical reaction’s byproduct. seems
>kinda pointless to ascribe any kind of objective
>meaning to it when you look at it that way.

Very true. Most of the world is on one long serotonin trip. The problem is that most people fear other chemical realities, ala “my drug (serotonin) is better than your drug (any controlled substance)!”

Some interesting Magickal exercises in exploring alternate chemical realities I have experimented with involve going for a month (or longer) in an extreme direction, such as:

  • Eating no meat
  • Eating primarily meat
  • Staying drunk
  • Staying stoned
  • Eating only organic foods
  • Eating only overly processed foods
  • Being severely depressed
  • Tweaking (any “upper”)
  • Tripping (any “hallucinogen”)
  • Fasting
  • Sexual Exhaustion
  • Sexual Frustration
  • Sleeplessness
  • Oversleeping
  • etc…
  • etc…
  • etc…

“Dose ’em all! Let the drugs sort ’em out!”

“Know Thy Selves”

~~~3 Coyotes Dancing~~~

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