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Rumi Oracle

By Susan Starr
The Rumi Oracle deck is about communing with one's heart and exploring the myriad

Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology, edited by Marjorie Jensen

By Nicole Rain Sellers
Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology was lovingly put together by Marjorie Jensen and features

Marjorie Jensen on tarot poetry

By Psyche
Marjorie Jensen is the editor of Arcana, a new anthology of tarot poetry.

The Secrets of Tantric Buddhism, by Thomas Cleary

By Gesigewigu's
Going through and meditating on The Secrets of Tantric Buddhism will be useful for

An introduction to writing tarot poetry

By Tabitha Dial
The act of writing tarot poetry asks poets to find words to connect in

The poetics of love spells

By Marjorie Jensen
My editor returned earlier than expected and caught us doing a different kind of

Datura, edited by Ruby Sara

By Ashley Naftule
Datura, edited by Ruby Sara Scarlet Imprint, 9780956720368, 2011 To be honest, I've dodged

The Language of Birds, by Dale Pendell

By Psyche
The Language of Birds, by Dale Pendell Three Hands Press, 71 pp., 2010 Pendell

William Blake’s Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision, by Martha Keith Schuchard

By Mike Gleason
William Blake's Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision provides a large amount of background data

Dancing God, by Diotima

By Mike Gleason
Dancing God: Poetry Of Myths And Magicks, by Diotima Neos Alexandrian, 9781438210643, 197 pp.,

Written in Wine, by Bibliotheca Alexandria

By Mike Gleason
Written In Wine: A Devotional Anthology For Dionysos, by Bibliotheca Alexandrina Neos Alexandrina, 9781434836731,

Review: Refuge, by Diotima

By Mike Gleason
Refuge: Tales of Myth and Magick, by Soror Diotima Konton Publishing, 490346203X, 223 pp.,