About Marjorie Jensen

Marjorie Jensen is a writer, educator, witch, bibliophile, dancer, and editor of Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology. She studied intersections of writing and magic at Mills College and taught tarot writing workshops at U.C. Berkeley and The Liminal Center.

Trance Dancing with the Jinn, by Yasmin Henkesh

Yasmin Henkesh’s Trance Dancing with the Jinn added a new spark to my autodidactic

Jailbreaking the Goddess, by Lasara Firefox Allen

I highly recommend Jailbreaking the Goddess to people who are unfamiliar with intersectional feminism

Romance of the Grail, by Joseph Campbell

Romance of the Grail brings together some of Joseph Campbell lectures on Arthurian myths

Siolo Thompson discusses her Linestrider Tarot

Recently, Siolo Thompson and I got together to talk about creating her Linestrider deck,

Shadowscapes Coloring Book

The Shadowscapes Coloring Book is a good tool for calming anxiety. It offers a

Impressionist Tarot

Inspired by the 19th century art movement, The Impressionist Tarot lends itself to creative

Nature Mystics, by Rebecca Beattie

Part of the Pagan Portals series, Nature Mystics is a strong introduction to connections

The Book of Oberon, by Daniel Harms et al

The Book of Oberon is a modern printing of a late 16th century grimoire

Silver Witchcraft Tarot Kit, by Barbara Moore

The Silver Witchcraft Tarot focuses on the cycle of the year and feminine energies,

Epistolary tarot: Love, letting go, and learning

The practice of writing tarot letters has brought me joy and comfort as well

The poetics of love spells

My editor returned earlier than expected and caught us doing a different kind of