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Feminine Mysteries of the Bible, by Ruth Rusca

By Mike Gleason
Feminine Mysteries in the Bible: The Soul Teachings of the Daughters of the Goddess,

Review: Women of Power, by Jaq D. Hawkins

By Psyche
Women of Power: The Woman As Magus, by Jaq D. Hawkins CapallBann Publishing, 186163241X,

Review: Maiden Magick, by C. C. Brondwin

By Mike Gleason
Maiden Magick, by C. C. Brondwin New Page Books, 1564146707, 211 pp. (+ bibliography

Review: Women’s Magic, by Sue Bowers

By Mike Gleason
Woman’s Magic, by Sue Bowers Samuel Weiser, 1578632218, 165 pages (notes, bibliography & index),

Dianism in a nutshell

By Inanna Seastar
This is an article I wrote for PROTEAN SYNTHESIS, a semi-private newsletter after it

Review: Clan of the Goddess, by C. C. Brondwin

By Mike Gleason
Clan of the Goddess: Celtic Wisdom and Ritual for Women, by C. C. Brondwin

The earth is a witch: Ecofeminism, deep ecology, and the Pagan movement

By Thomas H. Harbold
Recent decades have been a time of great change on this Earth, our home;