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Lesson 1 Exercise: Explore

By Susan Starr
Spend some time over the next few weeks exploring different crystals and bases to

The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

By Susan Starr
The Book of Stones reflects the authors' love for each and every stone, and

Bibliography and Recommended Resources

By Susan Starr
Bibliography and recommended resources for Crystal Grid Fundamentals.

Lesson 5: Putting It All Together

By Susan Starr
In this final module, we’ll talk about where to place your crystal grids, demonstrate

Lesson 4: Charging the Grid

By Susan Starr
Once you've built your crystal grid, how do you charge or activate it, and

Lesson 3: Grid Bases and Sacred Geometry

By Susan Starr
In this lesson we’ll take a look at different types of grid bases for

Lesson 2: Crystals

By Susan Starr
In this lesson we’ll review commonly used crystals and their vibrational properties and how

Lesson 1: Introduction to Crystal Grids

By Susan Starr
Making a crystal grid is a powerful method of invoking vibrational energy.

Rewild witchcraft, worship Loki, and get rich

By Spiral Nature
Want to get rich? Here are three ways, and, oh, do these things too.

The care and feeding of crystals

By Matrika
Crystals have been in the lime-light ever since celebrities such as Shirley MacLaine and

Review: Healing with Crystals, by Pamela Louise Chase and Jonathan Pawlik

By Psyche
Healing With Crystals, by Pamela Louise Chase and Jonathan Pawlik Page Books, 2001 My