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Pop Culture Magic Systems, by Taylor Ellwood

By Alanna Wright
Pop Culture Magic Systems gives pop culture fans innovative ways to build a magical

25 occultnik books reviewed and ranked from 2016

By Spiral Nature
Spiral Nature published more than 95 reviews of books and tarot decks in 2016,

Kink Magic, by Taylor Ellwood and Lupa

By jennadanchuk
In Kink Magic: Sex Magic Beyond Vanilla, Taylor Ellwood and Lupa magick and kinky

Bringing Race to the Table, ed. by Crystal Blanton

By Anie Savino
Pagans of all ages, creeds and varieties can benefit greatly from reading Bringing Race

A chat with Yvonne Aburrow about diversity

By Sable Aradia
Yvonne Aburrow hopes that Wicca will become more inclusive of people with disabilities, people

3 Great Esoteric Anthologies

By Psyche
Anthologies provide themed essays from a variety of writers, allowing the reader to sample

Review: The Pop Culture Grimoire, edited by Taylor Ellwood

By Mike Gleason
The Pop Culture Grimoire: An Anthology of Pop Culture Magic, edited by Taylor Ellwood

Coming back to roost: The importance of the ego in personality aspecting

By Lupa
Personality aspecting is the art of invoking, for varying lengths of time not necessarily

Review: Real Energy, by Phaedra & Isaac Bonewits

By Taylor Ellwood
Real Energy: Systems, Spirits, And Substances to Heal, Change, And Grow, by Phaedra &

Review: Philosophy of Magic, by Arthur Versluis

By Taylor Ellwood
Philosophy of Magic, by Arthur Versluis 168 pp, 1986 This is a quick and

Polarity in sex magick

By Taylor Ellwood and Lupa
We recognize polarity is entirely cultural, infecting us with values that are oppressive, restricted,

Interview with Taylor Ellwood

By Psyche
Taylor Ellwood is the author several occult titles to date, and his latest work,