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Interview with Fenwick Kaidevis Rysen

By Psyche
An interview with Fenwick Kaidevis Rysen, chatting about altered states of consciousness, enlightenment, and

How to charge a sigil playing video games

By Taylor Ellwood
The ideal state to be in to charge a sigil is one where the

Creating Magickal Entities, by David Michael Cunningham

By Psyche
Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation, by David Michael Cunningham, with

Servitor Management

By Xi O'Teaz
From: Xi O’Teaz To: zee-list >>Sentient entities as a general rule will strike out

Acoustic Sigils

By Greg Turner
Music and !0Magic!1 I’ve stumbled on what seems to be an excellent system for

Creating a Shoggoth

By Parker Ryan
Re: Net Shoggoths? PARKER RYAN (parker[at]mhd1[dot]moorhead[dot]msus[dot]edu) Tue, 11 Oct 1994 10:03:48 -0500 (CDT) This

Practical applications of the chaosphere

By Fra.: Neonfaust
The chaosphere is the prime working tool of chaos magicians and the Magical Pact

Chaos Graffiti

By Bood Samel
Two of my main interests in life are graffiti, and the practice of ceremonial


By L.O.O.N.
APIKORSUS An essay on the diverse practices of CHAOS MAGICK from the Lincoln Order

Smuggling sigils across: Sigil magick for the professional magician

By Areosol
I will assume that you are already initiated into the secrets of Austin Osman

Blackout and Sigils

By Fra.: Apfelmann
The blackout or as it is commonly referred to, the death posture, is the

Servitor creation: A contemporary approach

By Fra.: Negentrophy
I have found it useful to incorporate what I call a skeletal sigil as