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Secret Body, by Jeffrey J. Kripal

By Mark Jones
Secret Body explores mysticism, paranormal experiences, and the nature of being, all while challenging

Initiation and Islamic gnosis

By Angel Millar
Islamic gnosis is one of the paths of worship, a path based on knowledge

Talking to the Spirits, by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera

By Brian Walsh
Talking to the Spirits is an excellent exploration of communication with spirits and the

Chemical Realities

By Xi O'Teaz
To: zee-list Date: 11 November 2003 blades wrote: >and given that what is real

Notes on the performance of the Gnostic Mass

By Anonymous
Numerous considerations go into the successful performance of Liber XV. In this short essay


By Sri Palindrome.151
From: utu.potiki[at]sfnet[dot]com Date: Thu, 02 Dec 93 07:36:52 Subject: TESTING… IN COLOR! To: chaos_m[at]tatertot[dot]com

Methods of gnosis

By Fenwick Rysen
I was wondering if anyone could tell me a few ways to achieve gnosis

Fotamecus empowerment rite

By Fenwick Rysen
Praise unto Fotamecus! Smash your clocks! Chronos, your time has come!