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A Quick Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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From: Fenwick Rysen
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lo eskis o

I keep hearing things like:

>> Yep. I WISH I could get the hang of lucid dreaming…!
> ME TOO!!! :)

It’s not all that hard. Here’s a basic exercise that’s been working for me for years now. Took me about three weeks before it worked, so expect some buildup time. But if you stick with it, I *guarantee* you will begin lucid dreaming.

First of all, in your everyday activities, start randomly asking yourself the question, “Am I dreaming?” Ask the question, and then focus on your bodily sensations, to see how “real” they are. Then try to do something you could only do in a lucid dream, like change the color of the floor. Obviously, if you are awake, this is not going to work. However, if you do this a few times a day consistently over a few weeks, it becomes a habit that wires itself into your subconscious (it takes roughly 30 days to completely form or destroy habits).

After a while, you will be dreaming some night when the habit is so deeply ingrained that you will ask “Am I dreaming?” while you are dreaming. You might notice that your body feels slightly different when lucid dreaming, and you *will* be able to change the color of the floor, as well as change and guide other aspects of the dream.

When you first become lucid in your dreams, there will be a tendency to wake up: When the mind becomes conscious, it decides that it’s time for the body to do the same thing. Just keep trying, and focus on staying asleep the first few times out. After a while you will be able to remain asleep when lucid dreaming.

I don’t highly recommend trying to fly when you first begin lucid dreaming. If you take off straight up into the air, it leaves nothing around you in your dreamscape, and it becomes even harder to find something to stay related to to keep you asleep. Get some practice just wandering around your dreamscapes and changing minor things before you start doing the spectacular. Of course, if you want to start flying your first night, go for it, but you may cut your dream short.

I cannot convey the importance of a dream journal in helping with this work. Keep a notebook or, better yet, a tape recorder beside your bed and record your dreams *immediately* upon awakening. You don’t need to cover every detail, just the major points. And you’d be amazed at what can slip away in just five minutes if you don’t write it down immediately. If you keep a recorder, transcribe the major points to a journal on a regular basis, before the job becomes to huge to tackle.

A dream journal will help you begin to remember more of your dreams, giving you more chances to become lucid. It will also have some other benefits, such as showing you patterns in your own subconscious. Avoid books on dream interpretation like the plague; you are the best judge of what symbols mean to you. And if you don’t want to interpret them, then don’t. The main goal is to start remembering more of your dreams.

I hope all of this helps. I have had great success with just this one technique alone, but it *does* require that you stick with it long enough for the habit to form (typically 3-4 weeks). Don’t expect success overnight: There is no fast food service line for mastery of the occult arts. However, the effort is well worth it.

So to all you people who’ve been whining: It’s not all that hard, just give it some dedication. I’ll see you in dreamland.

In Life, Love, and Laughter
–Fenwick Rysen

DNA Magick

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Subject: Re: [zee-list] Re: DNA and the four elements?
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:53:08 -0600 (CST)
From: Fenwick Rysen < fenwick[at]chaosmatrix[dot]com >
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On Mon, 11 Dec 2000 wrote:

<< I have been researching genetic manipulation and I am wondering whether anyone has any ideas as to how they would connect the four elements to the four nucleotides >>

Kick ass! Up until now, I thought I was the only mage with the chemical structure of DNA jotted down in his book of shadows!

I did a lot of work with DNA magick in a short period, and while I didn’t really attribute directly to elements, I did place Adenine and Thymine at opposite ends of the circle, and Guanine and Cytosine at opposite ends of the circle. I ignored directions and elements. I drew their chemical structure in their quarter (sidewalk chalk is a magicians best friend), and stood upon a drawing of Deoxyrybose, that sacred sugar that bonds the four together in the spiral of life.

Instead of drawing up a “cone” or power, I envisioned standing at the center of a double helix stretching to infinity above and below.

I separated my magick into two circles, DNA Magick which had Cytosine as one point, which was mostly information-gathering, introspective work. Then I’d continue a working by replacing the drawing of Cytosine with Uracil, and switch to RNA magick, where I took the information I’d gained, and manifested it into the real world, building up aethyric proteins, as it were. Fun stuff.

My own thoughts after playing with it were that DNA was truly primal, very atavistic magick. I’m not sure you *can* match them to the elements properly. Or at least I couldn’t. But this is chaos. Whatever works! I’d be interested to see whatever system you work our for it. DNA magick is really fun stuff.

Keep us informed!

In Life, Love, and Laughter

–Fenwick Rysen

Methods of gnosis

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Gnosis, photo by Raymond Salvatore Harmon
To: alt.magick.chaos From: fenwick[at]sonic[dot]net (Fenwick Rysen) Date: Sat, Sep 26, 1998 23:24 EDT Message-id: <6ukb4k$ilk$>
lo eskis iQuoth Polaris (

<< I was wondering if anyone could tell me a few ways to achieve gnosis that do not involve sex or drugs (yes, I know that those are the best). >>

Not necessarily the best, though probably some of the most common.Others include: Read More

The fluid continuum –or– what the f***’s an egregore?

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From: Fenwick Rysen Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos Subject: Re: one other question -- egregores Date: 1 Sep 1999 16:10:35 GMT Organization: Chaos Matrix (
lo eskis iWOW! Two good questions in the same day! Is a.m.c. coming back from the dead? No, it's probably just the statistical good day we're allowed after a year of crap.Quoth Jim Mooney (

<< Of the three books I just got on Chaos Magic, they all mention egregores, but there is not much of a definition of the term, except by context. Could someone here give me a good definition >>

Well, the best place to look is any decent dictionary. I'd give you the definition out of the copy of Webster's Ninth New Collegiate that I keep on my desk, but it's not a good dictionary---it doesn't even have it in there. Essentially, "egregore" is an older English word that seems to be fading out of use. It refers to the "spirit of a thing," usually referring to some organization humans create (clubs, states, fraternities, counties, etc.) that summates its principles, beliefs, and goals, and guides people in accomplishing them. Read More

Fotamecus empowerment rite

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Pocket watch, by Lauren HammondIntroduction:Fotamecus is a historically recent addition to the pantheon of deities associated with time, the other major one of note being Chronos. But whereas Chronos is associated with the concept of time as fixed and immutable, Fotamecus depends on the concept that time is fluid and malleable. It is because of Chronos' restrictions of freedom through the concepts of fixed time that Fotamecus has decided to wage war on him; the following ritual is aimed at aiding Fotamecus in the war against Chronos, and in gaining his favour through helping him. Because modern societies are completely dependent upon clock and currency (time is money), aiding Fotamecus in destroying current conceptions of time can be considered one further step in the immanentization of the eschaton. Read More