Friedrich Nietzsche Archive

Sacred Conspiracy, edited by Marina Galletti and Alastair Brotchie

By Mark Jones
The Sacred Conspiracy is a book to be revisited, mulled over and discussed.

Crowley, by John Moore

By Psyche
Crowley: A Beginner's Guide offers a whirlwind tour through Aleister Crowley’s greatest hits, misses,

Powers of the Sphinx, Part II: To will

By Jarred Triskelion
Ritual without the backing of a strong will is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Nietzsche on Art

By Psyche
I've been reading Nietzsche's The Genealogy of Morals, and a passage in the third

Thelemic Values: A New View on Morality

By IAO131
Ye Olde Morality Most Westerns are familiar with the Ten Commandments that Moses brought

On Being a Pagan, by Alain de Benoist

By Psyche
On Being a Pagan is serious, compelling and erudite. I sincerely hope the deceptive

What is chaos magick?

By Spiral Nature
Numerous definitions of chaos magick from its leading practitioners.