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Powers of the Sphinx, Part II: To will

Ritual without the backing of a strong will is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Powers of the Sphinx, Part I: To know

To know To will To dare To keep silent These nine words are amongst

How to cast a circle anytime, anywhere

To cast a circle begin by closing your eyes, clear your mind, and visualize

How to read inverted tarot cards

A tarot card is considered to be inverted or reversed when it is placed

How to plan a pilgrimage

In this technological age, we can travel anywhere in relative ease and comfort. For

How to achieve altered states of consciousness

Entering altered states of consciousness has a dramatic effect upon a ritual. Everything becomes

Writing good luck spells

When the chips are down we all need a little bit of luck. An

How to craft a wand

During rituals the wand serves to channel, amplify and project energy.