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Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth, by John Michael Greer

By Susan Starr
Humanity is breaking natural laws right and left, causing the whole system -- of

Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth, edited by Ervin Laszlo and Allan Combs

By Ryan Valentine
Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth: The Spiritual Ecology of the Father of Environmentalism,

Green Hermeticism, by Peter Lamborn Wilson, Christopher Bamford and Kevin Townley

By Psyche
Green Hermeticism represents an interesting landmark as a recombining spiritual ecology with the Hermetic

Review: Sacred Land, by Clea Danaan

By Psyche
Sacred Land: Intuitive Gardening for Personal, Political and Environmental Change, by Clea Danaan Llewellyn

The earth is a witch: Ecofeminism, deep ecology, and the Pagan movement

By Thomas H. Harbold
Recent decades have been a time of great change on this Earth, our home;