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Simple Banishing Techniques

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Subject: Re: Silent Opening/Banishing
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 15:42:08 -0800 (PST)
From: “Xi O’Teaz” < xi_o_teaz[at]yahoo[dot]com >
To: zee-list

Norman asks a question that used to plague me:

<< Question: Does anybody have a good banishing ritual which is silent? >>

Okay, since you’ll no doubt get lots of Visual suggestions, and we Kinesthetic types are always seemingly Ignored, I’ll try and answer this from a sense of Feeling:

Take a nice, hot, 3 minute, Cleansing shower. You can finish it by immediately changing the temp to cold water for a few seconds before stepping out, if you want. This will help form a kinesthetic barrier, sealing in the warm Energies… well, just try it, you’ll Experience what I’m talking about. I generally just wear a sarong after a shower, so you’re almost skyclad for the actual Ritual itself, if you’re into that.

About the only thing *I* do to Open is to Project a Feeling of “Please”. Not a begging, but a genuine beckoning of the Powers to come and aid you, and bad things be gone–it’s an Honest and RespectFull Feeling. To Close, I always give a heart-felt “Thanks” (remember the *Attitude of Gratitude*???) I don’t generally *say* anything, but I Project the Feeling that these words give you, which is very difficult to put into words, as you can see.

As far as Closing Rites go, when I was a college student, the quickest and best way to Banish was to simply get Busy. I.e., you get so enTranced with your next immediate endeavour–driving to work, studying for a test, whatever–that you leave the Rite behind by Ignoring it. Ignore-ance is a very useful Tool in the Magickian’s repertoire.

Or you can do what I call the Matrix Banishing. Remember Neo at the end of the movie, after he explodes Agent Smith from the inside-out? He tenses his whole body, and as he Releases, the very air around him ripples and becomes calm/Centred. I still use this one every once in a while.

Are these too Mudande for ya?

Close your eyes and get a Feel for the room/space you’re in. Now focus on Clearing both you and your Space, by extending yourself *outward*. Do this until you Feel it is the correct time to stop.

Align your body, close your eyes, and Breathe into your tan-tien centre (3 finger widths below the navel). Continue until you feel Centred.

Or one of my favourites to give to the masses:

Simply Imagine your body as a container, and breathe in a white fog/mist/vapour, breathe out a black fog. The white represents positive energy, healing, and generally *good* things, whilst the black represents disEase, sickness, and generally *bad* things.

If these suggestions sound too Simple (a mental defense mechanism to keep you from trying), I’d suggest you give that part of you that thinks that Magick is “something other than everyday Reality” or “really serious and overly-complicated” a serious bitch-smack.

Until you get your Overly Complicated Self in line, you could always go to a noisy place (a river, busy intersection, under an interstate overpass, etc.) and Practice any noisy Banishing Rite you Desire. Do it over and over, and Pay Attention to *how you Feel*. Then, anchor that sensation (a simple NLP practice). Whenever you wish to Banish, merely re-trigger the anchor, and bada boom, bada bing! Banishing complete!!

Banishing, like all things in Magick, has become entirely too complicated. Boil things down handed to you, and then if you Desire, you can over-complicate them again. Many people do so to make Magick more Fun, or more Aesthetically pleasing, or whatever, but that doesn’t mean all the frills are *necessary*.

As a Taoist Master once told me:


’nuff sed.

Play Well…

“Know Thy Selves”

~~~3 Coyotes Dancing~~~


On Banishing

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From: ahaigh@unixg.ubc.ca (A.B.Haigh)
Newsgroups: alt.magick
Subject: Shielding techniques for mediation and other reasons
Date: 3 Oct 93 17:27:35 GMT

At first I was going to post a copy of the middle pillar exercise, but on re-reading the material I realized that the specifics of this are truly unnecessary. What is important are the mechanics of the exercise.

Basically what one wants to do is to set up a clear space within one’s mind for the purpose of meditation or ritual work. The manner in which this is done is rather straightforward, one visualizes a sigil in each of the four cardinal directions, charging these sigils with power, and visualizing a wave of energy along each cardinal point outwards to infinity that sweeps everything out of its path.

The sigils used and the symbology associated with them are unimportant. What is important is that they hold meaning for you. Kabbalists can use YHVH, Christians can use Angels, Satanists can use demons, Wiccans can use their god/desses, Hermeticists can use the elements, Enochians can use the Lords of the Watchtowers, It really doesn’t matter what symbolism one uses so long as it is of import to you. Personally I use a very chaotic system that tends to change slightly each time, but it always ‘feels right’ and effects the desired result.

The pattern that one uses is also important, once one finds the sequence that feels right stick to it. I begin with North and work my way around the compass until I sweep through West and return to North for closure. Sometimes I will also hit the Heavens and the Abyss if I really want to close the space I am working in, but that is not necessary.

The important thing is to visualize a wave sweeping out from you that pushes all unwanted influences/imagery out of your sphere of working, effectively clearing a space on the astral and other planes that will allow you to work undistacted.

After you have cleared this space you can also charge your wards with power so that they will oppose any outside force from getting into your work space. I find that this is not necessary, but others might want to set up an elaborate system of wards. Personally, if you feel that the space you have set up is clear enough, that is enough.

So find symbols that hold power for you, use them to clear the cardinal directions, use them to ward those directions if you desire, then do whatever work it is that caused you to clear that space in the first place.

I hope this helps/informs/is found to be of interest.


The Four Worlds

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The ancients described man as mind, body, and soul. Psychologists of the twentieth century added the subconscious to that definition. This produces a four-fold classification. The universe is also divided into four corresponding parts (‘worlds’), as shown below:

WORLD              BODY                           QUALITY
=====              ====                           =======
spiritual world    spiritual body (soul or kia)   intuition
mental world       mental body (conscious mind)   rational thought
astral world       astral body (subconscious)     emotions
physical world     physical body                  physical senses

The astral body (subconscious) is the intermediary for intuition, magical and psychic phenomena, and is the ‘psychic link’ to the physical world. J.H. Brennan says that the astral is the realm of visual imagination. It seems to be both a ‘place’ and a ‘state of mind’ at the same time. Most occult and magical phenomena originate in the invisible, non-sensate, non-physical realm (ie. without physical senses). Each of the four worlds interacts with the other worlds. Psychic energy flows from the spiritual to mental to astral to physical. The physical world is a projection (manifestation, reflection, or shadow) of the higher worlds. Our center of consciousness is generally within these higher worlds. “We are”, to quote the rock music group the Police, spirits in the material world”.

There are many similar terms used by other occult groups. For example, ‘astral light’ is another name for astral world, although it may sometimes also refer to the entire non-physical realm, as may ‘inner planes’ or ‘the invisible world’. Planes are essentially the same as worlds. Vehicles or sheaths are the same as bodies. Some groups include an etheric or vital body between physical and astral: it is mostly ‘physical’ with a little of the lower ‘astral’ besides. And sometimes astral and mental are each divided into two parts (upper and lower). The ‘causal body’ is the upper ‘mental’.

Microcosm and Macrocosm

We have been describing ‘traditional’ occult philosophy here, and certainly an important part of the tradition is the idea (and terms) microcosm and macrocosm. The greater universe, known as the *macrocosm*, includes everything that exists. It corresponds with the *microcosm*, or tiny universe, ie. man — who is thought of as a miniature replica of the macrocosm (whole universe). This basic magical relationship is demonstrated in the Bible (Genesis 1.27), where God is the macrocosm; and in the writing of Trismegistus (“As above so below”). Since man is in the image of God (universe) it follows that God is in the image of man (in other words, man and the God/universe match each other). The magician, as a microcosm is thus connected with the macrocosm. There is an intimate relationship of energies between you and everything else. The universe is reflected within us and we are projected into the universe. This is an important theory behind magick and astrology.

Magick White and Black

‘Personal magick’ is that magick used to affect the self; often involving affirmation, self-suggestion, and self-hypnosis. ‘Active magick’ is outer directed magick (as in PK) used to affect someone or thing, or to bring about an event. ‘Passive magick’ is to be affected (as in ESP) by an outside non-physical cause. Everyone possesses some magical (and psychic) potential. Some are especially gifted. Usually people are better at one kind of magick (ie. active or passive) than they are at the other kind; only rarely does an individual excel at both. Training and practice will, of course, improve ability somewhat.

Although the forces of magick are neutral, various systems may take on the qualities of good and evil. There is so-called white magick or good magick, black magick or evil magick, and gray magick between them. When many people refer to white magick they mean magick for unselfish purposes, also healing and mental influence with specific permission. By black magick they refer to magick for self-interest and healing *without* specific permission. Using magick to forcefully control another’s will is, in a sense, black magick too. There are also some people on the occult fringe who claim to be, possibly even think they are, ‘Satanists’, devil worshippers, or black magicians. These people are most likely charlatans, hoaxers, dabblers, or merely misinformed. They may be attracted by the ‘art’ of black magick, or even by the ‘glamour’ of doing something against the ‘rules’. But a real black magician is very dangerous. Because he has dedicated his life to evil. We usually think of ‘white magick’ as having *unselfish intent*, and (in the extreme case) of ‘black magick’ as being actual Satan worship, human or animal sacrifice, dangerous unconventional magical practices, and other bizarre stuff as makes a nightmare. It is all a matter of degree. Most mild self-interest magick (one of the most common kinds) would be called ‘grey’. Better terms may be *constructive magick* as being beneficial; and *aversive magick* as magick intended to work against the natural order, and to tear down. There is also the *high magick* of spiritual alchemy (ie. spiritual growth), also known as ‘the Great Work’; and conversely there is ‘low magick’ which is concerned with materiality.

Any magick act is likely to produce side effects regardless of whether or not the desired result is achieved. Such side effects are no problem for constructive magick, since they are beneficial as well. However, aversive magick can produce aversive side effects which may even harm the magician — aversive magick is dangerous!

Magick is a Continuous Process

What we have been calling ‘magick’ is actually a continuous process. Since your subconscious never rests, your environment is continually being shifted into line with your model. This is true whether you study magick or not. For most people, these effects are usually very subtle, and they are probably not aware of them. However, as you work with the occult, the flow of psychic energy and your awareness of it increases. Your true will is more likely to be strongly expressed. Your luck may be affected (either in a positive or a negative way). Remember, our lives tend to follow what we want down deep. That is why a positive outlook is so very beneficial to us.

The Magical Diary

Sometimes it is helpful to keep a diary of your magical experiments and research. Such a diary should include the date, perhaps even some astrological data (or anything else you think may have a relationship to what you are doing). This is also a good time to begin recording your dreams — at least the important ones — in a dream diary. Your dreams can tell you a great deal about yourself, and may sometimes reveal premonitions. Dreams are personal. Don’t fall for the commercial ‘dream book’ gimmick.


The mind is always open to suggestion — especially the subconscious. Most of the time we censor any suggestions according to the model; but one way to break through the censor is with repetition. An affirmation does this exactly. By suggestion, we mean any statement which is capable of affecting your model. Usually suggestion is in the form of a positive statement (such as the hypnotist’s patter — ” You are becoming sleepy”). An affirmation is the same kind of thing — a positive suggestion, which you repeat (affirm) to yourself aloud or silently (for example, “I remember my dreams”). If there is some quality you wish to change or develop within yourself, an affirmation is ideal. Repeat it several times every day at several different times throughout the day, especially when you go to bed. Affirmations are subtle and may require a few months to work. Use them for changes, not miracles.

Simple Banishing Technique

Visualization is another important method we use to influence the subconscious. A good example of this is the simple banishing technique which follows. Banishing is used in magick to ‘clear the air’ of negative ‘vibes’ and interference…

Visualize a strong white light flowing out the top of your head, flowing down around you and covering you. At the same time imagine you are throwing away any ‘problem’ vibes. Maintain the visualization for a half a minute or longer. Good way to help you handle your emotions, and to control worry or anger.

Review Questions

  1. What is a microcosm?
  2. List the four worlds. Explain.
  3. What is an affirmation? Give an example.

Book List

  • Geoffry Hodson, Theosophy Answers Some Problems of Life.
  • Marc Edmund Jones, Key Truths of Occult Philosophy.
  • Marion Weinstein, Positive Magic.
  • Nelson & Ann White, The Wizard’s Apprentice.
  • Beatrice Bruteau, The Psychic Grid.

Phil Hansford, 4/88 Mysteria (818) 353-8891 (modem)
P.O. Box 83 Tujunga, CA 91042

Copyright (c) 1988 by Phil Hansford. This article is licenced for free non-commercial distribution only.

Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

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From: draconihilis[at]antioc[dot]antioch[dot]edu
Subject: Gnostic Pentagram Ritual
Date: 16 Mar 93 17:50:19 EDT

I figured it might be helpful to post a really simple pentagram (banishing) ritual. It’s something that the IOT (Illuminates of Thantateros) came up with. Keep in mind that this is just what I remember of it, and it is by no means word for word. My apologies to those concerned for the plagiarism but I feel that this is an IMPORTANT tool for the beginning magician. It takes maybe five minutes so you have no excuse not to do some form of banishing at the end of your rituals.

Stand and inhale fully. Visualize brilliance emanating from your head just above it as you vibrate the vowel “i” (IEEEE!!) at a high pitch. Inhale again. Visualize the light coming from your throat as you vibrate “e” (EEEHHH!). Repeat procedure for the chest vibrating “a” (AAAHHH!) Repeat the procedure again for the stomach vibrating “o” (OOOHHH!) repeat a final time for the anus vibrating “u” (UUURRR!) at a low pitch. Next vibrate each of the vowels again only this time instead of visualizing a body part, draw a line of a pentagram for each letter. Drawing the line with either a magickal weapon or your mind should be ffective as long as you visualize it fairly strongly. Turn 90 degrees (from facing east to facing south for example) and repeat the procedure outlined in the above paragraph. Repeat this until you’ve done all four directions (you may want to do up and down as well). Once you have all four or six pentagrams drawn and visualized repeat the body part brilliance procedure for each of the five vowels in reverse order (“u”, “o”, “a”, “e”, “i”).

The Lesser Elvis Banishing Ritual of the Sequined Pentagram

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Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos
From: jwt@nauvax.ucc.nau.edu (Jaye)
Subject: LEBRSP
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 1994 14:47:58 GMT

NOTE: This ritual was dictated to me whilst skrying into the black, shiny part of an Elvis record.

The purpose of this ritual is clear the area of all Elvis-negative influences. This includes all that not patriotic and all that is not of White Trash at heart.

Begin by facing in the direction of Graceland. For easy reference, we shall call this East.

  1. Visualize the infinitely bright light of a Las Vegas spotlight descending upon you.
  2. Draw this Holy Light into your head, intoning: LOVE ME
  3. Point downward, hand over… personal privates… , intoning: TENDER
  4. Point to right shoulder. LOVE ME
  5. Point to left shoulder. TRUE

This is the Holy Cross of Elvis. Conclude by saying: “Uh-huh”.

  1. Facing East (Graceland), draw a bright, blue, sequined pentagram in the air. Be sure to visualize the light reflecting off of the shimmering sequins. Intone: Ehhhh
  2. Repeat step six to the south. Intone: Lllll
  3. To the west, intone: Vihhhhh
  4. To the north, intone: ssssss

Between each of the above steps, you should make part of a circle connecting each pentagram. This circle should be made of the Light of the Holy Las Vegas Spotlight.

Imagine yourself bathed in the Holy Vegas Light. Face Graceland.

  1. Before you, imagine Elvis as a baby, containing his True Elvis Potential. This is the Elvis of Air. Say: ELVIS, thou who were born a King in Lowly Surroundings. Fulfil your potential. Be present with me today.
  2. Behind you, imagine the young man Elvis, on the brink of Stardom. This is the Elvis of Water. Say: ELVIS, thou who art about to realize your Kingliness among men. Fulfil that Potential. Be with me today.
  3. To your right, imagine Elvis in the prime of his career, when he was making movies and the like. He thrusts his pelvis suggestively. This is the Elvis of Fire. Say: ELVIS, thou who art leading us to Light. Be with me today.
  4. To your left, imagine Elvis in his Las Vegas stage. He wears sunglasses and is slightly pudgy. This is the Elvis of Earth. Say: ELVIS, thou who didst die on the pot of an overdose. Be with me today.

Repeat the Holy Cross of Elvis. Thus ends the Ritual.

This ritual should be repeated daily. If you wish, you may use Elvis music in the background to aid your concentration. If you have an altar, it should contain a Microphone Wand, a Microphone-Stand Dagger, an Elvis “45 Disc, and small porcelain toilet (Chalice).

May the Holy Light of Las Vegas Shine within you.

Love is the Law. Love under Rock & Roll.

–Jaye (jwt@nauvax.ucc.nau.edu)

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