Psychic Energy

We have seen in the theories of magick, that there is a definite relationship


Western magick is based upon the Cabala, a Jewish mystical tradition first written down

Astral Projection

Astral projection (OOBE, out of the body experience) is a popular area of occult

Psychic healing and banishing

The basic methods of psychic healing are: 1) creative visualization, 2) prayer, and 3)

Basic Ritual

‘The first part of every ceremony is the banishing; the second the invoking.’ –Crowley,

Thoughtforms and Spirits

Although there are hundreds of kinds of divination, the principle ones are astrology, geomancy,

Chakras and meditation

According to East Indian philosophy, man possesses seven major *chakras* or psychic centres on

Elements and Forces

The Ancients divided the world into four basic principles or *elements* — earth, water,

The Four Worlds

The ancients described man as mind, body, and soul. Psychologists of the twentieth century

The Subjectivity of Experience

The universe is a projection of ourselves; an image as unreal as that of

Why Magick

The ability to think seems to set us apart from other creatures. And although