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Carl Jung: Darwin of the Mind, by Thomas T. Lawson

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Carl Jung: Darwin of the Mind, by Thomas T. Lawson Karnac Books, 9781855754683, 226 pp., 2008Jung is often considered what of the greatest minds of the age, one of the founding fathers of psychology. Lawson seeks "to pull together the thought of Carl Jung and place it in a non-technical way within a contemporary context, so as to make it accessible to the general reader" as Jung never wrote much for the public. Rather than being a "Jung 101" book, or a dumbed down version of his writings, this book is an intelligent exploration of Jung's ideas relying less on the professional language of psychology, focusing on the consciousness and unconsciousness as a direct product of evolution.
"we have a mechanism whereby conscious might evolve. The mechanism is directly analogous to genetic evolution and operates according to the basic formula of natural selection"
Lawson compares Darwin's model of evolution to Read More