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Six Ways, by Aidan Wachter

By Frater 232
I encourage artists, occultists, and anyone interested in chaos magick, animism, and practical enchantment

Secret witch: Magick when you’re stuck in the broom closet

By Donyae Coles
Are you a secret witch? Not everyone can be open with their spiritual practice..

The gift of magick: A holiday guide for skeptics

By Chrysanthemum White Alder
It’s taken as a given that the for many of us, the holiday season

The Girdle of Ishtar: Magick for activists

By Nicole Rain Sellers
The Girdle of Ishtar is a witch’s ladder, a traditional talisman made by

The High Magic of Talismans and Amulets, by Claude Lecouteux

By Freeman Presson
The summary of the talismanic art is broad, drawing on more sources than just

Amulets & Talismans for Beginners, by Richard Webster

By Psyche
Amulets & Talismans for Beginners: How to Choose, Make & Use Magical Objects, by