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Words of the magi: An interview with Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford

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Altered States, photo by H Koppdelaney
Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford of The Baptist's Head and Open Enlightenment were kind enough to answer several questions I put to them.
Did you formulate the Core Practice techniques immediately after attaining the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel [K&C], or did it follow your successful crossing of the Abyss? ALAN: I attained the K&C using a free-form ritual technique, but I came to develop a simpler method based on Father Thomas Keating's centred prayer as I persisted in invoking the HGA through the years.The bare-bones Core Practice described in Alan's essay bears a strong  resemblance to vipassana meditation, and Duncan has mentioned a long-standing interest in Buddhism. In your work, each of you pay homage to Daniel Ingram and his fantastic work. At what point did you pick up the links between wisdom traditions and decide to adopt vipassana into your regular practice? Read More

Carnal Alchemy, by Crystal Dawn and Stephen Flowers

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Carnal Alchemy, by Stephen Flowers and Crystal Dawn FlowersCarnal Alchemy, by Stephen Flowers and Crystal Dawn FlowersCarnal Alchemy: Sado-Magical Techniques for Pleasure, Pain, and Self-Transformation, by Crystal Dawn and Stephen Flowers Runa-Raven Press, 1885972040, 86 pp. (incl. appendix, glossary, safety notes, resources, bibliographies, & advertisements), 1995, 2001Dawn and Flowers clearly state that ‘this book is not intended as a “training manual” for dominants, but rather a commentary from a magical perspective on various methods common in Sadean sexuality,’ and in this it certainly fulfils its role.They detail a rational approach to self-exploration, noting that "breaking the tabus of society is one thing, but in breaking internal tabus great storehouses of magical power are to be found." Stating that "the way to increase or give rise to sexual energy is simply to generate it in ways the individual finds most pleasurable and appealing." Read More