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Witches in Literature and Lore

By Jade Raine
Fair is foul, and foul is fair,/Hover through fog and filthy air” WITCHES, “MACBETH,”

Satanic pudding

By Michael Solomon
I usually try not to defend LaVey, because I believe his lifestyle was that

The wheel of the year: the story of the seasons

By Anonymous
Like many things to do with Wicca, this is fluid. There are overlaps and

Sacred north

By Anonymous
Certain directions have always been considered more sacred than others. The altar is placed

Wiccan beliefs

By Anonymous
In most forms of Wicca, the Goddess and God are revered. This is central

Religion versus magick

By Joseph Max.555
The problem most serious occult practitioners have with Schueler's books is their "modernization" of

ADF neopagan beliefs

By Joseph Teller
We consciously observe the solstices, equinoxes and the points in between, as well as

Real shamanism

By Lynsa
I'm not an academic. I'm not a traditional medicine person or secret society member