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Radical Ecstasy, by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy

By Psyche
Radical Ecstasy avoids a dogmatic approach to the spiritual applications of SM

Polarity in sex magick

By Taylor Ellwood and Lupa
We recognize polarity is entirely cultural, infecting us with values that are oppressive, restricted,

Sacred Sexuality in Ancient Egypt, by Ruth Schumann Antelme & Stephane Rossini

By Psyche
Where uncertainty exists about the actual content or form of a given illustration, she

Promoting Positive Christian Intimacy & Sexuality: Tantra: The Old Lost Art Of Fulfilling Sexuality

By Anonymous
To: alt.magick.tyagi, Subject: Re: The Tantra Date: 28 Apr 1995 20:18:42 GMT Our Sexually

Sex and magick

By Fra.: Apfelmann
No discipline of magick has attracted as much mumbo jumbo or misinformation as sex

Satanic pudding

By Michael Solomon
I usually try not to defend LaVey, because I believe his lifestyle was that