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Black Flame Tarot, by Jennifer Chen

By Psyche
The Black Flame Tarot derives its name from the Satanic movement of the 1960s,

Review: Cthuloid Dreams, by DJ Lawrence

By Psyche
Cthuloid Dreams: A Collection of Occult Poetry, by DJ Lawrence, 115 pp., 2004

Pacts With The Devil, by S. Jason Black & Christopher S. Hyatt

By Psyche
The authors open with a bit of demonic theory and brief overview of Satanic

Review: The Chaos Cookbook, edited by DJ Lawrence

By Psyche
The Chaos Cookbook, edited by DJ Lawrence, 221 pp. (incl. bibliography), 2004 The

Review: Rebels and Devils, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt

By Psyche
Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt New Falcon,

An Introduction to Chaos Magick, by Adrian Savage

By Psyche
An Introduction to Chaos Magick must have been published because of the limited amount

Lucifer’s Vortex (also known as the Western Sun Rite)

By Gnosi Chaotica
Introduction The basis of this ritual is to create a vortex in which direct

Satanic Mythos: A brief study of four infernal archetypes

By Noktvs Infernvs
Satanism has it's own mythology, which is here referred to as the "Satanic Mythos."

A Letter to Satanic Youth

By Church of Satan
Due to the ever-increasing amount of mail that we have received from young people

The Satanic Bunco Sheet

By Church of Satan
If you're new to the Realm of Darkness, suddenly feeling the fires of Satan

Satanic Ethics

By Ordo Templi Satanis
Any philosophy must, as a matter of course, at least imply a code of

On Dreaming

By Christopher Parker
Subject: EVILONE: Info. about dreams… Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:03:08 -0700 (PDT) From: