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Runes, by Teresa Drofn Freysdottir Njardvik

By John Farrell
Simply put, Runes: The Icelandic Book of Futhark is the best and most complete

Sorcerer’s Screed, by Jochum magnus Eggertsson

By John Farrell
Sorcerer's Screed The Icelandic Book of Magic Spells is highly unusual and tremendously entertaining,

A spell of awe and protection: The Washing Verse

By Vincent Ongkowidjojo
The Washing Verse is a versatile spell from the Icelandic grimoire tradition. The main

Rainbow Runes

By Corinna Underwood
This is a beautiful set of runes made from a range of stones including:

The Book of Primal Signs, by Nigel Pennick

By Donyae Coles
The Book of Primal Signs does have a good bit of useful information and

Runes, by Laura Tuan

By Mike Gleason
Wooden Rune Kit, by Laura Tuan and Lo Scarabeo Kit: Wooden runes, accompanied by

Review: The Book of Seidr, by Runic John

By Prenna Unsane
The Book of Seidr: The Native English And Northern European Shamanic Tradition, by Runic