About Corinna Underwood

is the author of Haunted History: Atlanta and North Georgia, Murder and Mystery in Atlanta, the collection of mystery stories Walk on the Darkside, and the teen novel The Book of Time. Corinna can be found online at ambiguousmedia.netand on Twitter as @Pearlblackthorn.

Blessed Be Cards

My experience with different oracle decks is gradually growing and is not as extensive

Rainbow Runes

This is a beautiful set of runes made from a range of stones including:

Magic of Flowers Oracle

The Magic of Flowers Oracle is intended as a meditation tool, an inspirational tool,

The Barbieri Tarot, by Barbara Moore and Paolo Barbieri

Paolo Barbieri is renowned for his fantasy paintings and illustrations. Those familiar with his

Lost Code of Tarot Kit, by Andrea Aste

The Lost Code of Tarot is an unusual package by Andrea Aste, who has

365 Tarot Spells, by Sasha Graham

365 Tarot Spells is useful to have close throughout the year. It is a

The Witches’ Almanac, Issue 35

Whether you practice the Craft or have an interest in folklore, you will find

Faery Forest Oracle

The Faery Forest Oracle is a great deck for beginners and experienced card readers.

Wicca: Another Year and a Day, by Timothy Roderick

With Wicca: Another Year and a Day, Timothy Roderick has created a workbook that

Tarot Interactions, by Deborah Lipp

In Tarot Interactions, Deborah Lipp has combined her knowledge and creative abilities to take

Demons and Spirits of the Land, by Claude Lecouteux

With Demons And Spirits of the Land: Ancestral Lore And Practices you find is

The Green Witch Tarot Kit

Designed as a divinatory deck, The Green Witch Tarot is in true green witch