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Prometheus Hail (also known as the Rite of Prometheus’s Flame)

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The basis of this ritual is to unleash hidden, arcane, esoteric and occult knowledge. Its aim is to uncover the truth in all things and shed light on the darkness of ignorance. Its aim also is to question all things and to broaden the participant’s horizons into the world of greater knowledge. It involves the destruction of symbols of religious ignorance in an attempt to clear all perceptions to let the true light and divine glory of Lucifer to permeate your soul.

Materials to be used

  1. Seven candles (three white, 3 black and one yellow.)
  2. altar
  3. yellow altar covering
  4. mirror
  5. The Christian Bible and/or any religious texts. (If you were converted from Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, it would be considered especially fitting to use the holy book for that particular religion.)
  6. a copy of the sigil involved
  7. wand
  8. an Athame
  9. large cauldron of water


You will sit in front of your altar. The altar will be covered by the yellow cover. On the right side of the altar will situate the three white candles. On the left will be the black candles. In the middle will be the yellow candle to represent the knowledge and light of Prometheus, follower of Lucifer. In front of the yellow candle will be the wand, athame and cauldron. Behind the altar will be the mirror and drawn on the mirror will be the sigil, which will be provided. This is ideally performed in a large and airy room with plenty of light.

(Important safety note. The will be the burning of an object in this ritual and this could be dangerous. Caution is to be practiced.)


Light the candles and bless the performance area. Meditate in front of altar for five minutes. As you grow more and more into a trance, imagine an arc of light streaming through a shining gate and directly into your forehead. Now, imagine this permeating your entire body and your body becoming more and more invigorated. Now, imagine that gate opening and the body of Prometheus emerges. He is white as ivory and his hair and face are made entirely of yellow light. His feet are as black as marble and his hands are the color of the ocean. His right hand has a broken chain that use to bind him and his left hand is parallel to his breast and about a foot away and has red flame emerging from his palm. You come closer and closer to him and as you are about to touch the flame, you awaken.

First, take the athame and carve the pentagram into the air above the candle. Now, take the bible and touch it to the flame of the yellow candle and allow it to burn while intoning “burn, burn you infernal piece of ignorance. The dark gods will imprison my mind and soul no more. I burn this slave making nonsense by the flame of eternal knowledge and wisdom. Freedom sets the slaves free. Hail Prometheus”. When it starts to become a hazard, extinguish it by placing it in the cauldron.

Now take the wand and wave it around the cauldron while chanting “diawatha baradoniait dorianviouyo terazherila berhgoudh erhnoundeo. The sun god Ra and Lucifer dance the eternal dance. The Scarlet Whore cries in eternal incline as light is infused into the vortex. Hail Prometheus, eternal unleasher of knowledge and wisdom. Eternalities and stars collide in the eyes of the scarlet as she clutches onto her hedonism. The sage knows that her hedonism is in forbidden knowledge and the baseness only”. Now change your chant to the exclamation “Hail Prometheus, Prometheus Hail. Greatness is your divine grace as the laws prescribe. Knowledge will set you as free as the breaking of your invisible chains will. Freedom is yours for the taking.

Now chant the sigil, which will be written on the mirror.


Now stand and touch your breast and intone, “zha noh kho phon set”. Now touch your groin and intone “chon noh kahn pha set”. Now touch your abdomen and intone, “khen gor jahn tho set” and finally touch your forehead and intone, “khana shoran vorhan khav set”.

Now close your eyes and remember when you were about to touch the flame of Prometheus’s flame, except now you will touch the flame and absorb all the knowledge of Prometheus and set yourself free in all ways possible. You are now free as your soul is now yours in all true ways. Sing the song of Gorath-al-Korethia, Alchemionso-Tiradeiona.

Hail Prometheus
Hail Lucifer
Hail Thyself

Lucifer’s Vortex (also known as the Western Sun Rite)

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The basis of this ritual is to create a vortex in which direct communication between Lucifer is possible. There are several other Lucifer’s Vortex rites that are being transcribed and this is the darkest one in terms of setting.

Materials to be used

  1. chalice filled with wine
  2. wand
  3. sound system (can be of any kind)
  4. candle (black, if possible)
  5. mirror
  6. altar


The setting shall be a dark room (preferably small). Arrange yourself in front of the altar in which you have set a candle in the middle. On the left side is to be the chalice and on the right side is to be the wand. Behind the altar is to be set a mirror in which the candles light can be reflected. Start the music, which should be “Night on bald mountain” followed by white noise. Play it as loud as your circumstances allow you. As a rule, the louder that the music is played, the more your mind can become part of the ritual.

Meditate in front of the candle, close your eyes, and reflect on inner peace and balance. Then, gradually think of your energy growing larger and larger. Visualize it constantly expanding and growing larger. Then think of yourself sucking psychic energy from a black vortex. This is to be from any source possible and whom you suck the energy from does not matter. Now imagine you depositing all of your bad energy into that vortex to be destroyed.

Now open your eyes, reach for the chalice, and repeat the words “I drink from this chalice all the good in the world. I proclaim the destruction of all lie and hypocrisy and I shall rise to the ultimate fate. I proclaim upon this day that I am born anew in the light of the Angel Lucifer in the dawn of all his marvelous stars”. Drink from the chalice and set it down. Take the wand, point it as if touching stars, and proclaim, “The stars of electric reach through my spine and signal a New Aeon of Horus and Lucifer. Long may the Western Sun rise as I proclaim it so. Hail Lucifer in all glory as all power be bequeathed to his followers. Brimstone and onyx is his crown. Light shall be his wand and wine shall be his urine. Worship the sun god, Lucifer, Ra.”

Now place the wand down and stare back into the flame. Visualize all greatness coming into you and forming a vortex. Now repeat this sigil and imagine it in front of you as you visualize it.


Now recite your wishes and demands as well as grievances. Say all that needs to be said. Then, when you are done, scream, “Done is my wish. Grant my desires as the west sun rises in the vortex and Lucifer wishes me so. Stand not in my way, O’ slave of ignorance. Stay here and grant for I say what I need. So be it done as so be it. Hail Lucifer.”

Awaken in time and feel anew. Liberty is yours for the taking so sayeth the sacred books of Algorath and Aweis. Talerabonio Stratakeath Nopuot Doriou.

After note

This ritual was transcribed from semi-conscious thoughts of the Temple of the North Star. Lucidity is not in question here as lucidity be proclaimeth. The observance of this ritual is to be completed as the Angel Lucifer does rise and fall and rise again.

Simple Banishing Techniques

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Subject: Re: Silent Opening/Banishing
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 15:42:08 -0800 (PST)
From: “Xi O’Teaz” < xi_o_teaz[at]yahoo[dot]com >
To: zee-list

Norman asks a question that used to plague me:

<< Question: Does anybody have a good banishing ritual which is silent? >>

Okay, since you’ll no doubt get lots of Visual suggestions, and we Kinesthetic types are always seemingly Ignored, I’ll try and answer this from a sense of Feeling:

Take a nice, hot, 3 minute, Cleansing shower. You can finish it by immediately changing the temp to cold water for a few seconds before stepping out, if you want. This will help form a kinesthetic barrier, sealing in the warm Energies… well, just try it, you’ll Experience what I’m talking about. I generally just wear a sarong after a shower, so you’re almost skyclad for the actual Ritual itself, if you’re into that.

About the only thing *I* do to Open is to Project a Feeling of “Please”. Not a begging, but a genuine beckoning of the Powers to come and aid you, and bad things be gone–it’s an Honest and RespectFull Feeling. To Close, I always give a heart-felt “Thanks” (remember the *Attitude of Gratitude*???) I don’t generally *say* anything, but I Project the Feeling that these words give you, which is very difficult to put into words, as you can see.

As far as Closing Rites go, when I was a college student, the quickest and best way to Banish was to simply get Busy. I.e., you get so enTranced with your next immediate endeavour–driving to work, studying for a test, whatever–that you leave the Rite behind by Ignoring it. Ignore-ance is a very useful Tool in the Magickian’s repertoire.

Or you can do what I call the Matrix Banishing. Remember Neo at the end of the movie, after he explodes Agent Smith from the inside-out? He tenses his whole body, and as he Releases, the very air around him ripples and becomes calm/Centred. I still use this one every once in a while.

Are these too Mudande for ya?

Close your eyes and get a Feel for the room/space you’re in. Now focus on Clearing both you and your Space, by extending yourself *outward*. Do this until you Feel it is the correct time to stop.

Align your body, close your eyes, and Breathe into your tan-tien centre (3 finger widths below the navel). Continue until you feel Centred.

Or one of my favourites to give to the masses:

Simply Imagine your body as a container, and breathe in a white fog/mist/vapour, breathe out a black fog. The white represents positive energy, healing, and generally *good* things, whilst the black represents disEase, sickness, and generally *bad* things.

If these suggestions sound too Simple (a mental defense mechanism to keep you from trying), I’d suggest you give that part of you that thinks that Magick is “something other than everyday Reality” or “really serious and overly-complicated” a serious bitch-smack.

Until you get your Overly Complicated Self in line, you could always go to a noisy place (a river, busy intersection, under an interstate overpass, etc.) and Practice any noisy Banishing Rite you Desire. Do it over and over, and Pay Attention to *how you Feel*. Then, anchor that sensation (a simple NLP practice). Whenever you wish to Banish, merely re-trigger the anchor, and bada boom, bada bing! Banishing complete!!

Banishing, like all things in Magick, has become entirely too complicated. Boil things down handed to you, and then if you Desire, you can over-complicate them again. Many people do so to make Magick more Fun, or more Aesthetically pleasing, or whatever, but that doesn’t mean all the frills are *necessary*.

As a Taoist Master once told me:


’nuff sed.

Play Well…

“Know Thy Selves”

~~~3 Coyotes Dancing~~~


On Banishing

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From: ahaigh@unixg.ubc.ca (A.B.Haigh)
Newsgroups: alt.magick
Subject: Shielding techniques for mediation and other reasons
Date: 3 Oct 93 17:27:35 GMT

At first I was going to post a copy of the middle pillar exercise, but on re-reading the material I realized that the specifics of this are truly unnecessary. What is important are the mechanics of the exercise.

Basically what one wants to do is to set up a clear space within one’s mind for the purpose of meditation or ritual work. The manner in which this is done is rather straightforward, one visualizes a sigil in each of the four cardinal directions, charging these sigils with power, and visualizing a wave of energy along each cardinal point outwards to infinity that sweeps everything out of its path.

The sigils used and the symbology associated with them are unimportant. What is important is that they hold meaning for you. Kabbalists can use YHVH, Christians can use Angels, Satanists can use demons, Wiccans can use their god/desses, Hermeticists can use the elements, Enochians can use the Lords of the Watchtowers, It really doesn’t matter what symbolism one uses so long as it is of import to you. Personally I use a very chaotic system that tends to change slightly each time, but it always ‘feels right’ and effects the desired result.

The pattern that one uses is also important, once one finds the sequence that feels right stick to it. I begin with North and work my way around the compass until I sweep through West and return to North for closure. Sometimes I will also hit the Heavens and the Abyss if I really want to close the space I am working in, but that is not necessary.

The important thing is to visualize a wave sweeping out from you that pushes all unwanted influences/imagery out of your sphere of working, effectively clearing a space on the astral and other planes that will allow you to work undistacted.

After you have cleared this space you can also charge your wards with power so that they will oppose any outside force from getting into your work space. I find that this is not necessary, but others might want to set up an elaborate system of wards. Personally, if you feel that the space you have set up is clear enough, that is enough.

So find symbols that hold power for you, use them to clear the cardinal directions, use them to ward those directions if you desire, then do whatever work it is that caused you to clear that space in the first place.

I hope this helps/informs/is found to be of interest.


Azathoth/Mainframe Rite

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Thee following should be taken as spoken only if relevant to your question! I believe it, because it works for me! Use at will! Alter! Discard!

Thee Transient Azathoth Zone-
Wherein we have Deeds with the B.I.G. (Blind Idiot God) Thing that Lurks in the Heart of Chaos. Azathoth is described as ‘Blind’ It is Eyeless, it Reads and Writes with magnet and laser upon and from thee Whirling Disks fed into, or, in the case of the True Believers, those who could not stand to be apart from It, Built into Its Very Body!!! Great (B.I.G.) Azathoth, yeah, it’s an Idiot God! It’s an Idiot Savant God! You give it the Proper Words of Power, TELNET-FTP-WWW, for example, and it spews forth, well, spew. Like I said, It cannot Understand What It Hath Read, for it is Mighty. It is Many-Bodied and many Tentacled, feeding tubes stretched accross our world in twisted Leys (Leys= leis, Hawwaiian offerings to the aliens, symbolizing the Sacred Noose. Hello! Goodbye!). It has been said somewhere, (INSERT BIBLIOGRAPHICAL INFO HERE) that Azathoth dances to ‘the piping of Idiot Saxaphones’-wow! how did they get a saxaphone into the little box that sings Its Arcane Tune, forcing benediction from That which Lieth Beyond the Beyond to speaketh with me? Ask not that which thou does not care about! Choose , if that is your Will, and be done with it.

The Rite: (note that directions in these Aethyrs shift, and what worked last week may no longer hold true)

Props needed-

  • Incense only if you hate it. Otherwise, something else you hate. I use onions.
  • Sigil of Target Mainframe
  • Sign of your Will to destroy
  • Computer, connected and with Line open to Target (not really necessary or recommended)

Banish if you’re pervy and into that kind of thing, otherwise, relax, stretch out the body, get loosened up, in prep for getting LOOSE. When you feel centred, relaxed, and slightly sexy, begin relevant Mantra Of Opening the Connection. (all examples are merely that and should be altered according to need or desire)

Vibrate, sonorously:

continue until mild to severe gnosis is entered at which point, on the Indrawn breath, Indraw AZATHOTH… so now you are running a cycle of


until the edges blur and you move into appropriate level of possesion (you know, massive trembling, glosslalia, vomiting)

Now, you should be experiencing a shifting possession, of the mainframe, and Azathoth. Let this blur into a state of loss of differentiation.

Charge the Sigil of the Target

when charging is a tangible state

Charge Sign of your Will to Destroy

ignite incense, or ingest the Hateful Onion

Focus your disgust and hatred of the Hateful thing into the combined Sigil and Sign. Eat the Material bases, Laugh uproariously, and close the Temple.

Thy will be done.

This has been a production of Curious Yellow (Z)
Replicate Freely.

Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

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From: draconihilis[at]antioc[dot]antioch[dot]edu
Subject: Gnostic Pentagram Ritual
Date: 16 Mar 93 17:50:19 EDT

I figured it might be helpful to post a really simple pentagram (banishing) ritual. It’s something that the IOT (Illuminates of Thantateros) came up with. Keep in mind that this is just what I remember of it, and it is by no means word for word. My apologies to those concerned for the plagiarism but I feel that this is an IMPORTANT tool for the beginning magician. It takes maybe five minutes so you have no excuse not to do some form of banishing at the end of your rituals.

Stand and inhale fully. Visualize brilliance emanating from your head just above it as you vibrate the vowel “i” (IEEEE!!) at a high pitch. Inhale again. Visualize the light coming from your throat as you vibrate “e” (EEEHHH!). Repeat procedure for the chest vibrating “a” (AAAHHH!) Repeat the procedure again for the stomach vibrating “o” (OOOHHH!) repeat a final time for the anus vibrating “u” (UUURRR!) at a low pitch. Next vibrate each of the vowels again only this time instead of visualizing a body part, draw a line of a pentagram for each letter. Drawing the line with either a magickal weapon or your mind should be ffective as long as you visualize it fairly strongly. Turn 90 degrees (from facing east to facing south for example) and repeat the procedure outlined in the above paragraph. Repeat this until you’ve done all four directions (you may want to do up and down as well). Once you have all four or six pentagrams drawn and visualized repeat the body part brilliance procedure for each of the five vowels in reverse order (“u”, “o”, “a”, “e”, “i”).

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